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greenwitch68 posted:
Good morning all-
Was wondering if anyone is taking or has taken Trazadone.
Finally got it in the mail yesterday. It is what my Doc is giving me to help me sleep.
Never heard of it and wasn't happy to find out it is another antidepressant.
I haven't had great luck with those in the past. However if I don't get some decent sleep soon...
Any info is appreciated.
Kath G
fontanille responded:
Hi Kath G,

I take trazadon and have for years. It works well for me and hhave never had a problem with it.

wishing you a good restful sleep.

fibroinsd responded:
I haven't taken it. My son took it and it was too heavy for him and he couldn't wake up...had a lot of trouble with it..Start slowly and see how it goes???
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
painfullyexhausted responded:
I have been taking Trazadone for years. Started with 50mg but had to increase it over the last year to 100mg. It is an old "anti-psychotic"/anti-depressant, however for sleep aid the doctors don't prescribe a dose even close to what was prescribed years ago for ant-depressant. It's non habit forming but you will definitely know when you don't take it. Make sure you take it early enough in the evening so you avoid the hang over or drowsy effect. If you have 100mg you can break them in half to see how you do with a lower dose first. I always try new meds on a night that I don't have anything planned first thing the following am. I have tried multiple sleep aids and for me Trazadone is the best. Don't even think of it as an anti-depressant, it's simply a "sleeping pill". Hooe it works well for you. Best of luck.
Rosalenna responded:
I am also taking Trazadone, it really helps you sleep sound. But make sure that you get at the very least 7 hours, or you will feel hung over the next morning. I too was saddened when I found out that it was also used for depression. Do yourself a favor and only think of it as a sleep aide. Good luck!!
greenwitch68 responded:
Thanks to all for the info. The dosage is only 50mg. I have quite a bit going on for the next couple of days so I think I'll try it Thursday night.
I hope it works too. I need some Zzzzzs!
Kath G
fibroinsd replied to greenwitch68's response:
I did want to say...that the other day my DH picked up some acetaminophen that I had asked for, but he got the wrong thing. He got acetaminophen with a "sleep aid".. Turns out it was benedryl. I didn't know what it was when I took it...and it sure knocked me out..I can't take much of anything...reg. tylenol helps me sleep...but maybe before trying trazadone, you might want to try that??? It is an over the counter med...mine was a CVS brand..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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