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    Feeling tired and alone
    Rosalenna posted:
    So I want to thank everyone for giving me a place to voice my thoughts and fears. I wish I could talk with my family but they don't understand or want to understand what's going on with their wife, mom and grandmother. I learned at an early age to put my pain in a box and a smile on my face. Most days it's just too hard to pretend. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me if amount of these meds have made fibro anything better or worse. Ok here are the meds I am on daily: 2400 mg gabapentin 400 mg tramadol 100 mg trazodone I'm sure everyone has their on med dilemmas. But when I tell my doctor that there are still days when the pain is so bad that it's all I can do to get up and take my youngest daughter to school, his answer to me is: well what do you expect with advanced arthritis and fibromyalgia! Maybe it time we start joint surgeries. First I may have had this since I was a small child, but I was just diagnosed this last year. And these are the only meds he has tried. And not to mention I am only 50. Don't you think I should have more options? I am sorry that I am whining!! Thank you all for your support.
    Fibrofog64 responded:
    Wow, I think I would look for a new dr. I am on a lower dose of tramadol I also take Lyrica and Cymbolta. My pain is managed most of the time. I don't know about the gagapentin, others may write in on that one.

    I have also looked at some alternative treatments. My chiropractor (bless him) had me try something called Complete FM. It worked well for almost a year. He also is giving me DSMO IV treatments (see my update post) that appear to be working. Insurance doesn't pay though.

    I know that many people on this site use Vitamine D and other suppliments. I'm sure many will be writing in. Also check out the FM tips/toolbox on the right of the screen. Lots of good information there.

    I would definately get a second opinion befor doing joint surgeries. That sounds scary.

    Good Luck,
    katmandulou responded:
    Hi Rosalenna! Welcome!

    We all have different variations of what MiMi calls "The Wrath of the Dragon". Some of us have more good days than bad. Some of us are taking pain relievers, or muscle relaxers, or anti-depression drugs. Somne of us have great docs, some are stuck with MDs who don't know about FM. What wrks for one of us might not work for the rest of us.

    Did your doc suggest joint surgery? That won't help the FM. Is the doc a rheumatologist? He sounds irresponsible, and I too think you should look for another doc.

    There are lots of good resources in the right column. Web research can be dicey, and I try to stick with medical sites like NIH and Johns Hopkins. If you need support and a few laughs, try - be sure to read The Spoon Theory, and share it with your family.

    I hope to speak with you again - Have the best day you possibly can!
    stillhangingin responded:
    I would find a new doctor.....change up meds...therapies...exercise...lots of things before surgery!!!! Some docs can be SCARY creatures!!!!
    Rosalenna responded:
    I forgot to say that because of the advanced degenerative arthritis the doctor did inject a gel into one of my of my knees and it didn't feel any different. He also did 1 cortisone injection into one of my thumbs and the pain was extremely high for 2 weeks, then after that the pain in the thumb joint was just as bad if not worse then before the shot. I think I offended my doctor by not having any improvement in the joints he started on. So here I am on the drugs that I'm on. Feeling the way I do... Lost. For other doctors I don't know what type of doctor I should be looking for. The doctor I am going to now is an old rheumatologist set in his ways not will to try other meds or treatments. When I asked him about physical therapy or other side treatments he said nothing else would help me with the fibromyalgia so Why waste money trying. Boy do I know how to pick them! I've looked through the phone book and online. But I don't know what to look for. So if you have suggestions please send them my way.

    Thank you!!!
    georgia888 replied to Rosalenna's response:
    Hi Rosalenna,
    I, too, suffer from advanced OA along with Fibro so I can relate to your pain. You don't mention your weight but if you do have any excess pounds, I strongly recommend losing them. Extra weight is the very worst thing on arthritic joints.

    After many recommendations from doctors, therapists, etc., I joined a gym that has a warm therapeutic pool. I go there daily & it truly has helped with flexibility & overall well being. I still suffer with pain & as most of us FMers know, exercise often exacerbates the pain. However, motion is lotion & we must keep moving.

    I don't take any meds but do take many supplements. Any med I've tried gave me unpleasant side effects.

    Don't hesitate to fire your doctor & find a new one. Although surgeons earn their living by performing surgery, I have visited more than one who recommends holding off on surgery until I can't walk a block. I think this recommendation comes in view of my age; I'm 56.

    Best of luck to you!

    1wareaglefan responded:
    Hi, Rosalenna...what a pretty name! I second the opinion to find a new more "with-it" doctor. I think you can go on the Nat. Fib. Asso. website, and they have a listing of fibro doctors in each state.

    Or you might try calling some rheumies and asking them if they treat fibro, and how many fibro patients they have. I'm not really seeing a fibro doctor, either, but my GP is so great to work with, and he listens to me and tries to help me. So I do lots of research and go in with suggestions. That's probably not the best way to go, but when you're comfortable with a doctor and really like him, and your options are slim, then it's better than nothing.

    I just had knee replacement surgery, and so I can tell you to avoid surgery at all costs! I'm certainly not on the other side of this yet, and I may be singing a different tune, but right now....ouch!!

    Good luck in getting some relief. Definitely it sounds like your meds need changing. Tramadol is a pretty weak pain reliever. It sounds like you need something stronger.

    Take care...ELizabeth

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