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    jimboherron posted:
    I guess to start I am 44yrs old and am 285 at 5'6". I have had two doctors tell me I have FM they put me on Savella witch did nothing it was no help. I am now on Cyclobenzaprine 10mg it does nothing. I hurt so bad when I move around that I lost my job and insurance. Now I cant afford to go to the doctor to get better so I can go back to work. when I stand or walk for more the like 5 min I hurt so bad it burns and my legs get weak and I have to sit for about 5 min then go again. I was stiring some batter the other day my shoulders hurt so bad I thought they were going to fall off.
    All I want to do is lay down but after a few I have to move because that hurts. I just dont know what to do. The last time i went to the doctor he looked at me and said what do you want me to do? i am out of options.
    georgia888 responded:
    Hello jimboherron,
    I don't mean to offend you in any way but I have to believe that your weight is contributing to your problems. Normal weight with good nutrition is the best medicine for our well being. I know that when I eat the wrong foods, I feel worse. Carrying a heavy load also contributes to our fatique.

    Are you able to do any gentle exercising?

    I wish you the best.

    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Jimboherron and welcome,

    I'm not a health expert, but from reading here what is said by Dr. Pellegrino and others...

    While it is possible that your weight is contributing to the problem and that gentle (and I do mean gentle) exercise can help, weight loss usually does not help with FM pain.

    I am glad you found us and hope you'll keep talking and reading here. Everything you describe is shared by everyone here, including me.

    I've had FM for a couple of decades and had no real help until a couple of years ago when Lyrica came on the market which happened to help me. So I had to do what many here do and find ways to help myself... this means exercise, slowly but surely building it up, hot showers, icing, massage, supplements (many here use calcium, magnesium and vitamin D), and finding support which can help with how you cope with the pain and fatigue. You've found the support here, and everyone here can help you with the rest.

    You have a lot of options in front of you, with or without a doctor's help.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    fibroinsd responded:
    hello jimboherron..and welcome..

    So sorry you are dealing with fm..I do hope you will look through the resouces section for the post called member was started by Nancy B a few years ago, and has some things that have worked for others...

    As for of the things I found helpful was a good heating pad..Warm showers...almost anything warm !!!!

    I also found vitamins helpful. I do take a multi, a B-100 COMPLETE, 2000 units of D, magnesium, and omega. Have you been able to have your vit d checked?? many of us are low in Vit D.

    As for meds...I did find that Cymbata was helpful to me for quite awhile..but there are other meds..I did take Cyclobenazaprine at night to help me sleep. I do believe it is just a muscle isn't anything too heavy..Sorry the Savelle didn't work for you..sometimes these meds are just a try and see what works for you..

    As for the weight..I know that being overweight is not a good thing..but from what I have read, it doesn't have much to do with fm...other than sort of a "catch 22" don't feel great so you don't get up and moving..and then you don't get up and moving so you gain more weight..But don't feel like the weight has given you fm or anything like that..Just make it a point to try and get up and at the very least do some stretching...and try to take care of yourself..

    I have recently lost a lot of weight through a company called medifast. If you are interested in losing weight..that is one way to do it, and I am glad I did it, but again..that is a decision separate from what to do about fm.

    ask questions here anytime..but do remember this is an open forum and we are not medically trained people, except for Dr. P. and a few others..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    SilverDove7 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    Sometimes our meds cause us to gain weight.

    xperky responded:
    Hi jimboherron, and welcome to our site!

    So sorry your doctor said he was out of options. That is not true for you. You have many options of different medicine combos, ways to improve how well you sleep, ways to move and rest that work with FM, various topical pain relievers, stretches, vitamins and heat applications.

    There are many 'Helpful Tips' to the right. You can also ask our FM and pain doctors specific questions. I recommend reading all the posts of Dr Pellegrino, as he has FM too. If you hang around here a while you will pick up new ideas to make life just a little more comfortable, despite the FM diagnosis.

    I had a time, before my FM diagnosis, where my legs did not cooperate either. It was rough. Eventually things improved though. I hope they do for you too.

    Some of us are on different muscle relaxers, as what works for one may not work for another. Do a little research and ask your doctor if you can try a different type. I believe I recently saw an article on mebscape on the muscle relaxers available. Mebscape is a good source of medical news.

    You are not alone in this. We are here and we understand.
    With Compassion,
    foreversore responded:
    Caprice has given you some very good advice. The only things I have to add is to look for a free or low cost clinic in your area to help you get care. They will also often help you get your meds if you can't afford them. It sounds like you need a different doctor if the one you have is unwilling to help.

    Another thing that many of us here would recommend is to have your Vitamin D level checked as many of us are deficient and supplementation to a normal level can be very helpful. It may not hurt to get your B 12 level checked as well (I was also deficient there). I will also tell you to pace yourself. Do what needs to be done but do it at a pace your body can handle.

    I am going through a lot of the same stuff that you are and it will get better once you can get on a good treatment plan. I am not the best me I can be yet but I am working on it. Don't give up hope and we are always here to help you find ways to cope.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    Isn't this a is so hard to explain the pain and burning we feel when we are in trouble and I can see in your note you are in trouble. As mentioned in the other posts a few tricks are here in the Members Toolbox and anywhere else on the right, as well as our dear Doctor Pellegrino's posts, click on the discission (blue part).

    I am going to tell you a few quick things....hydrate your body with only water....(low cost) also a detox....your poor cells are crying for help. Heat is our best friend. Buy heating pads to help increase the circulation in there. Sit in a chair and move a bit, look at each part of your body. Wiggle those arms after warming them. NOW, if this is making it worse STOP. YOU ARE NOT READY....

    It took me about two months of water and eating as many green vegetables with my meats to be able to stretch my muscles. I always rolled my eyes when I heard a doc say stretch (well they wouldn't do it) and it hurt more. BUT after a detox and hydration event....I stretch under the sheets before I get up...when the muscles were warm under the blankets. IT FINALLY HAPPENED. I couldn't believe it, I felt a change.

    These are small steps, and everday being good to help your body get back in line. NO MORE junk eating for me, no soda, no cookies....I had to take it into my own hands as I was in so much pain (and this is a great motivator for some) There are those who close down....and those who put on boxing have to figure who you are?

    If you do a lean and green diet and water...your weight will change as well. Our foods have so many chemicals in them and eating as simple as possible cuts that away from your body. When I looked at what i was doing to ME...IT OPENED MY EYES. I have lost 50lbs and I can't say i am in less pain, but I move better. Adipose (fat) is inflamatory for the body...meaning it makes irritation to things, so less is more.
    Believe me, I am still a chubbette..and always will be, but I am watchful to put the best in me.

    Please look for a clinic at a large facility hospital near you. The rheumatology department and see what can be done. No job or income sounds like you are a candidate for Medicare, medicaid assistance. LOOK into that.

    It is a tough road to find help in the tricks that will work for you, but it can get so much better. Small steps and journalling what makes you worse and what helps will give you a look at your own toolbox. I wish you so much luck in this.

    Pain is a great motivator as I said...get MAD not SAD....
    Be empowered by "that's enough now!" It is so easy when heavy to be in a low, as movement is so challenging and add our dragon in there.......tough stuff. My heart goes out to you.

    Keep in touch with us........................Nancy B
    KMT333 responded:
    I've read the replies to your post, and it sounds like you've gotten lots of great advice (that I can use, also). The one thing I would suggest since you can't work is to file for social security benefits as soon as you qualify. It's a long process, but if you get benefits, it could ease the financial stress from the job loss. The less stress you have, the better.

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