jennagale76 posted:
Have any of you tried yoga to relieve pain? I started doing it on and off about a year ago, but have recently become addicted to it, and do it daily. I still have pain but I notice a big difference in the intensity most days. Anyone else tried any type of excercise?
booch007 responded:
I think trying anything is a good thing.

I did yoga years ago and I feel with my* body, it can't do the positions that they would ask me to do. A good leader though would be helpful if she understood our limitations.

A warm meditation group might be a thought too.

I just tend to stay to myself and push the envelope in my house. Try a yoga tape that way you can stop when you need and try again when you want.

bet you could check out one at a library alternative?

Good luck, Nancy B
cwalker608 responded:
The type of yoga that you do really matters. I've done yoga on and off for years, mainly as a way of relieving stress and improving range of motion. I really didn't start doing it consistently until a year ago. Initially, I was taking classes at the YMCA. It was a low-key class (both the teacher and most of the students were retirees with chronic pain issues). But I still found that the teacher did too many exercises that put prolonged stress on the wrists.

I stopped going to the classes at the Y and started taking individual classes with a guy who is both a certified yoga teacher and a massage therapist. He gave me a program of more gentle poses. And when I do them consistently (about 20 minutes in the morning), I notice a big reduction in my pain levels.

In addition to yoga, I do water aerobics and walking. I wish I could do more intense cardio or weight-bearing exercise, but I've realized that anything else triggers flares.
thenikki64 responded:
I find yoga keeps me less painful, and I always feel really good immediately afterwards. I wish I could get addicted to it...seems exercise and I just can't get together on a regular basis right now:) I also find swimming is good for me. I start out painful, painful, but the more I swim, the less painful I become.
Pam in Savannah
katmandulou responded:
Yoga helps me move, and I miss it when I can't go! I only take one class each week, but it's great.

My instructor teaches to your ability, and there are people of many abilities in the classes. When I started, there were tow of us with FM, and we were on two different levels, a woman recovering from knee surgery, and another recovering from shoulder surgery. She teaches alternate poses for people who can't manage the real ones. For someone with back problems, a 'downward facing dog' can be as simple as a slight bend and your hands reaching for the floor.

Sometimes the class starts with meditation or chanting, but I don't care. I've also met some wonderful people. I also try to practice at home, but have failed with that lately. I knew that if I tried a DVD i'd hurt myself, not get the positions right, and I'd glad I'm a yogi!