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Question about Lyrica/ Dr.s or anyone with info.
bpcookie posted:
Hi, I dont have Fibro but I thought that my question would be better answered on this board since Lyrica is used by Fibro patients. I have LSC and was recently prescribed Lyrica 150 mg twice a day for my pain. Can I take Lyrica for a long period of time, as in years? Im too terrified to ask my Dr. for fear of her taking the med. away. I know, its a stupid fear but Ive had agonizing pain 24/7 for an entire year and this is the only med. that has helped and my fear is its only a temporary med. It would crush me to have my Dr. take it from me.

Thank you

painfullyexhausted responded:
I think maybe you should go to the Lyrica website or ask your Pharmacist about prolong use. If you say to your doctor that this med is very effective and you don't want to go off of it but are concerned with prolong use he/she would be understanding and if not then you need to find another doctor. I couldn't take Lyrica but know plenty of people that do and have been on it for a long time with no mention of problems with prolong use but again this is a question for someone that knows a little more than I do lol. Best of luck.

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