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thenikki64 posted:
Today I had two fillings at my dentist's. I was surprised at how discomforting the vibration from the drill was. My dentist is wonderful: I felt no pain whatsoever, but the vibration was awful and my TMJs are already stiff and sore. Is this typical? I have my teeth cleaned twice a year, but this is the first real dental work I've had to have since developing FM. My left arm is painful, too. The work was done on the left side of my mouth, so maybe I was more tense on that side. Just curious what others have experienced with FM and dentistry...
Pam in Savannah
Randm2220 responded:

Having worked in the dental field for over 28 years I can assure you the vibration feeling is normal from the hand pieces. The aggravation to the tmj is mostly in response to how wide you have to keep your mouth open. The dentist I worked for also treated tmj and I have myself as well. The pain your arm is probable from the stress level. Being fibro patients, we do experience heightened sensitivity to light and sound so maybe that played a part too.

I hope this helped....
booch007 responded:
Oh Pam, I feel for you.

I bring a small towel for behind my neck to support me, but nothing helps the mouth (masseter) muscle when their hands have been in there. They tell me "raise you hand for a break"...well...YIKES is hand up, hand up, hand up. The muscle bothers me for a few days after.

When I get in the car I do mouth movements to loosen the muscle and my hand rubs it alot......I too tense in the chair so I medicate myself before the stuff starts. My muscle relaxer is always a premed.....and my heating pad is waiting for my body afterwards.

OUCH, sorry we need to do this. Got clean the choppers and care for your mouth....the root of so many infections and inflamationin in the body.

So make a plan for the next time. Thermacare pads on your shoulders, small towel under your neck, premed....masage the mouth muscle...warm drink after to soften the whole jaw area and relax....

Good luck, and keep the pearly whites pearly! Nancy B

Isn't this challenge of ours just too much some times!
thenikki64 replied to booch007's response:
Thanks y'all! I try to watch my muscle tension, but I did a couple of times have to make myself relax, so the arm pain is likely from that. I don't feel too bad today, just a little stiffness and left over pain. Nancy, the muscle relaxer prior is a good idea, and I already decided I would bring one of my special neck pillows with me next time. Love those thermacare pads! It is interesting how often my 'diseases' cause me to make some little changes:) Thanks again!

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