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Anon_63744 posted:
Since i am new here I was wondering if anyone can give me good suggestions for vit. and supplements. I have severe hot flashes, restless legs and the usual pain from the fm.Any sugesstions!Thanks
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi there,

I'm responding to bump your question back up because it may have been missed.

While you're waiting for responses from others, do some reading on the board because there is often a lot of talk about supplements to help. (Many here use Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 for pain and some use B12 for fatigue. I'm sure there's more.)
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allibell replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you for the suggestions. Anyone have any luck with melatonin for sleep?I went to the local store that has supplements and vitamins,there are so many.Plus they wanted me to buy lots of different things for all my complaints.Too many to choose from.
painfullyexhausted responded:
Hello. MiMi takes a lot of supplements, she's a good one to ask. Meds and supplements are different for everyone so it's going to be you who decides what works honestly. I have found that if I'm looking for supplements for certain things it's best to google herbal supplements for that specific symptom. You get detailed info regarding that supplement such as side effects, dosage, and what other meds can or can not be taken with it. MiMi will also suggest that you get your vitamin D level checked which is a great idea as well. Keep asking questions because ther's a wealth of information here and do your own research as well. Best of luck.
xperky responded:
A couple years ago, Dr Pellegrino posted this in a post about fatigue and fibro:

"...Supplements. Examples of supplements that have been used include magnesium, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, coQ10, growth hormone, and 5-HTP. I believe supplements should be used only after discussion and recommendation by your treating doctor..."

I think you might want to start with just one or two new supplements at a time. That way you can track what helps and what doesn't. Supplements are a helpful way to balance our systems but remember to eat plenty of vegies and fruits too.
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