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Rain, rain, go away!
sunnyskylvr posted:
Hello everyone. I am a newby and just wanted to stop by to say hello and to ask if anyone else dislikes the pain from the rain as much as I do?!? I have severe arthritis that continues to worsen throughout my entire body along with fibromyaligia from a very bad car accident I was in 17 yrs ago, and bad weather sucks! Most pain meds make me deathly ill other than Ibuprofen or naproxen that i have been eating for yrs now. My doc's have recommended Lyrica and I think I may finally give it a try. Just hope it works better than the newest anti depression meds I've tried in the past, that made me feel like I was in another world. I also may try prozac. I would appreciate any input from any one that has had experience with either of these drugs. Thanks and stay strong!
booch007 responded:
Those april shower's that come through May...they bring the flowers that bloom in May,
So if your looking for a have to have some rain!

YES....I am a barometer for each storm that passes, some worse then others in cluding the little toe that i broke when young. O U C H....

It is amazing these bodies of ours right? Sorry you too are a barometer.....stay warm whe they come, the dampness can get right to the bone!

((((hugs)))).Nancy B
Old1now responded:
I know the rain is coming before the weatherman. That's when my heating pad goes on. Stay warm and feel better

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