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Blood Drawn.
SilverDove7 posted:
I recently had my blood drawn (several vials) and she made the remark that my blood was thick. So I researched it online and found that fibromyalgia can cause your blood to be thick. Has anyone else heard of this?

booch007 responded:
I think maybe her needle was near a valve in the vein which creates a slow fill to the vials. I have heard people say this to isn't actually ltrue.

When you draw a CBC and it settles on the stand, a sharp eye can see an anemic patient.....all this is is the volume of fluid around the cells you have in that sample.

People with thick blood are smokers* as the body has produced more red cells to carry oxygen around so they are a bit thicker then others....

And people with polycythemia, to mention a few. These people need phlebotomy to take cells away or phoresis to separate and take things off (depending on the cell). Also there is a medication that can be taken.

In FM I have no knowledge in my reading or in Dr P's teachings that this is an issue with us. What is an issue is not hydrating enough. Dehydration will change the ratio of fluid to cells in your can be thickened* by this.

Hope this helped.....Nancy B
SilverDove7 replied to booch007's response:
Im not a smoker. The thought that I am dehydrated did come to mind when she said it was thick. Anyway im anxious to know what the tests reveal when they get them back. Then I can let people know.


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