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Question for the ladys.
SilverDove7 posted:
Sometimes when I need to comes out so slow. Other times its normal. Then I have times when I feel the need to pee and I have to strain to get it out. Does anyone else have this problem or know anything about it...maybe its a menapausal thing?

redschu responded:
Hi Sabrina!
i had this problem when i was on lyrica - when i went off everything went back to normal - i went thru surgical menapaus 26 yrs ago and never had this problem until the lyrica - hope this helps!
God bless your day - Carol
Old1now responded:
I have the same sort of problem but I have noticed that it changes when my meds change. I am on Cymbalta and Remeran now and I think the same effect that eases the pain slows the bladder muscle. I don't know that for sure but I have noticed the same thing before. I'd rather pee slowly than endure the pain. All my urine tests have been OK. So I don't worry.
gemgam responded:
I have this too. I used to take Lyrica and now I take Gabepentin.
For me, I think this is a side effect from Plaquenil which I take for "possible" Lupus. I can feel my bladder is full but when I sit on the toilet I have to completely relax and think about waterfalls or water streams to get my self to pee. It can take up to 5 minutes until I am relaxed enough to relax my bladder....strange.
jennagale76 replied to gemgam's response:
I have that problem but it is a symptom of interstitial cystitis, which is a common associated disorder of fibro. Google it and see if you may have any other symptoms of it.
michellemybell1972 responded:
I also have Interstial Cystitis (IC). You may want to google this, like someone one else said and see what you think. Do you have a lot pain in your bladder when you pee?
jimmarti responded:
Oh, yes! I don't have any pain while urinating, but at some times of the day it is so s l o w !! I, too, try to totally relax, think of something wonderful to help relax, and sometimes have to push to relieve myself. But it is my most UNbothersome symptom!!
SilverDove7 replied to jimmarti's response:
No I dont have any pain or burning when I urinate.

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