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Does fibro make other pain worse
Sillly1 posted:
Hi, this may sound a little dumb....but...I had to go to an oral surgeon on Wed. 5-16-12 to get a tooth pulled. (I am going on 54 btw) I have fibro and it seems like the pain from this tooth pulling is much worse than any I have had pulled before. I am just wondering does the fibro make the pain worse, is it because I am getting older, or am I just being a big baby as I can't stand pain??? Any info here would be most appreciated.
MaryinMt responded:
I believe they say that FM is our body's inability to process pain as other's do so I would say all types of pain would hurt including a tooth. I would not say your are a baby at all. Hope your gums start to feel better soon.
Signing off with tender hugs , caring thoughts and well wishes.
squarley responded:
Fibro makes
any surgery more pain full i had a angiagram of my heart and could not walk for months, my heart Dr. said he never seen any thing like that sent me to a nureo,Dr. and he said fibro makes our nerve ending different and causes us more pain so what your going through is normal for us with fibro.,good luck ,hugs Squarley
Anon_2912 responded:
Everyone reacts different too pain with FM.

For me it did make the surgical pain any worse & I have had about 10 surgeries in the past 3 yrs & was back to work in the aloted time need for the type of surgery, most time back earlier.

Some have more sensitivity with nerves then others. You should not feel bad because you feel more then the next person no one is made the same. You do what you need to heal & don't worry about anything else....
1wareaglefan replied to Anon_2912's response:
I just had a knee replacement on May 1, and while I know pain is to be expected, I feel like mine is worse than others I've seen at therapy.
DakotaWilsonFM responded:
I have multiple problems and some cause more pain... when they flare I believe my FM flares and makes my pain worse.. I know it sounds silly but I don't think even my FM ever flares without company...

I hope you feel better in record time... I will keep you in my thoughts..

soft and gentle hugs... Jan/Dakota
Old1now responded:
You're not a baby. One of my doctors said,"Pain spreads". Pain one place makes pain in other places worse. She believed in trying to relieve the pain and not waiting to deal with it. Pain is such a constant problem,but I do try to attack acute pain from injury as quickly and intensely as I can.

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