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Missmouse10 posted:
Does anyone else run low grade fever with the FM ? Is your pain worse at this time.
ALICE31014 responded:
Hi, I run a low grade fever during my flare ups, my pain is most certainly wrse at these times. Good luck to you!
Missmouse10 replied to ALICE31014's response:
Bellagirl31 responded:
I too run fever during flare ups. It is as if there are flu like symptoms going on. You are not alone in this. Just make sure you are monitoring the fever and able to tell if it is the FM or that your actually gettting sick. Anyone who has truly gotten the flu with FM, or when I did at least, a flare up was coming around the corner.

painfullyexhausted responded:
Yep, I do as well. Definitely feels like the flu so the muscle aches are much worse. Another gift from "the dragon ". I find that Aleve is beneficial during this time. Best of luck

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