Foods for Fibromyaliga Article
ggladieux posted:
Sometimes due to the immense pain I am in, I find it helpful to make fruit smoothies with Greek yogurt and juice. This way I'm getting the calcium, protein, and the fiber from the fruit. I avoid all foods with MSG as they are my biggest trigger for migraines.

Its way cheaper to make your own then to buy them.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thanks for sharing this, Ggladieux.
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xperky responded:
I love fruit smoothies like yours. This summer, when it gets hot, I'll be enjoying those. I like to add banana, frozen strawberries and a little cinnamon and honey.

This time of year I buy seedless watermellons almost weekly. We slice them into cubes, bag them and snack on them whenever. I feel so refreshed and cooled from watermellon.

Dr P has mentioned that fruit is good for us FMers, so enjoy!
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maryalc replied to xperky's response:
Than you everyone for food help sharing. I have also been making smoothies with Greek yogurt, frozen or non. I like to add frozen ripe bananas, berries, etc. I have not read a lot about the best foods for us. Glad fruit is recommended. We also love it around our house. Any other recommendations?