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    Relief with muscle relaxant?
    teelady1 posted:
    Recently, contant muscle tightness has been a problem for me. I will wake up during the night and feel thay certain muscles are all tensed up. I have muscle tightness during the day, too - but would like to get some relief at least while I sleep. I might sleep better if my muscles aren't all tensed up.

    I have read that muscle relaxants may help FM. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this?

    TIA for your reply!
    painfullyexhausted responded:
    Hello. Yes a muscle relaxer would be beneficial for your tense muscles and you will sleep better. There are all kinds of muscle relaxers so it's just finding which one will work for you so you don't have that "hangover" feeling in the morning.

    I've tried several, either not strong enough or way too strong. I'm sure there are others here that have input on this subject but what worked for me was Diazepam at bedtime. 5mg was ok but 10mg was better. I have a high tolerance for certain meds and no tolerance for others so maybe 5mg would be good for you. Again, there's a lot to choose from so you should talk to your doctor to see what's best for you.

    See what other people have tried so you can research the meds prior to seeing your doctor that way you have a little knowledge and can give your input as well. Best of luck
    teelady1 replied to painfullyexhausted's response:
    Thank you for your reply. I will be seeing my Dr early next month. I plan to talk to him about muscle relaxers. I certainly appreciate any information and feedback I can learn before then. Thanks again. Have a good weekend!
    painfullyexhausted replied to teelady1's response:
    You are very welcome, thank you and you have a great weekend as well !
    Randm2220 responded:

    Hello! I have the same problem with tight muscles. My rhuemy put me on cyclobenzaprine 10 mg for it at bed time. I usually take it a2 hours before bed and just relax on the couch before taking my trazadone for sleep. It helps a lot! It is much easier to get out of bed in the mornings. I am still very stiff and sore, but not as bad as I used to be. If I have tight muscles during the day, sometimes I take one then too. Hope this information helps and you find some relief.

    booch007 responded:
    Good morning Teelady,

    This was the first thing I added to my arsenal in sleeping and feeling better. I chose Soma. It is a two for one med...starts as a sedative and then a relaxer after, so it helped me sleep so well.

    I still had and have morning stiffness and issues but they shake off quite well. The quality and quantity of sleep is better.

    I tried using Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) and I had no effect for me at all.

    Remember we are all different and what is good for one can not be so magical for another. Be open to "the guinea pig" phase where you need to try a few things.

    Something that helped me so much in the inabilty to stretch those muscle out in the morning (which I do in bed before I even stand to the floor) was major hydration with water, over time.....I really had no idea that in my life I really wasn't drinking enough fluids (water....plain water!) for my poor body.

    I noticed a big change with that. Good luck at the doctors and I hope it is a perfect match the first time!....Nancy B
    teelady1 replied to Randm2220's response:
    Kim, thanks for the reply. I'm glad you found something that works for you. I'll add that to the list to discuss with my Dr.
    teelady1 replied to booch007's response:
    Thanks, NancyB, for the info on the flexeril and soma - also for the great reminder about drinking water! I hope my Dr and I can figure out a good match - but I know there's a chance that we may have to try a couple of different things.
    booch007 replied to teelady1's response:
    Don't forget that memory foam was heaven when I got it. That was the first gift from the support board i received, years ago.......

    Sleep is our precious gem of relief and repair.

    Good luck in this. Nancy B
    teelady1 replied to booch007's response:
    Thanks, NancyB! I agree - the suggestion of the memory foam mattress from this FMily was indeed a gift!

    I got a memory foam mattress topper a few months ago - and I do sleep better with it! I also got a memory foam pillow - and love that, too!

    lfields25 responded:
    If you look at current guidelines, the recommendation is Cyclobenzeprine (Flexeril) 10 mg at bedtime every night in addition to pain meds. It is a very mild but sedating muscle relaxer and was originally developed as an antidepressant but failed to treat that adequately. Soma is a very potent muscle relaxer and physicians and advanced practice nurses rarely prescribe it due to its addictiveness and potential for abuse. Nothing is really a magical pill and as the others stated, you almost have to experiment. I find it works better when I take it with my Ambien (which is also NOT recommended . The combination can be deadly though (new studies have shown there is an increase in DEATHS with sleepers) so make sure you and your healthcare professional are aware of ALL your meds. Good luck, don't give up; this is a frustrating disease that a lot of docs don't even believe in. Good place to look is for all the latest guidelines
    teelady1 replied to lfields25's response:
    lfields25, thanks for your reply - I really do appreciate it! After doing some research prior to my Dr appt, Flexeril is on my list to ask the Dr about. I am currently taking the antidepressant, citalopram (Celexa). Not sure if that would be a problem as far as drug interaction.

    I know what you mean about some Doc not even believing in fibro. In fact, my own GP admited that he used to believe fibro was NOT a real disease. He has since changed his mind.

    I know that it is often trial and error with different meds since different people respond to differents meds differently. Also, we FMers can be very sensitive to meds.

    Thanks again for your reply - and I hope you're have a great day!
    madoe replied to teelady1's response:
    This is so interesting. When I was first diagnosed years ago, there was a lot of trial and error. Now my meds are citalopram (Celexa) 20 mg, tramadol (Ultram (50 mg), am & pm or one every six hrs, diazepam at bedtime if needed. I am also on a 5 mg maintenance dose of prednisone and my doc closely monitors me. I feel very good most of the time. I have noticed that my bad days seem to coincide with my now nonexistent menstraul cycle and my doctor says that makes sense.

    It may be worth noting that my doctor is only 40 and director of a large FP residency so very up on the latest thinking. He is also an osteopath and manipulates me at least once a month. I am 69 and still very flexible, etc which has nothing to do w/me, it's him. Before him I went for deep tissue massage which was great also. Difference is insurance pays for osteopathy and not massage (not fair).

    This is rather lengthy, but if something in it can help just one person, that would be great. Take care...
    madoe replied to madoe's response:
    Sorry, two things I forgot. Flexeril did nothing for me. My go to drug was Vioxx, when they took it off the market I was very upset, as were lots of others.

    Also, I find that when I take diazepam at night to help me relax by the time I wake up in the am, I am stiff so I try to avoid it unless absolutely necessary.
    awhole responded:
    good luck ive tried muscle relaxer they do the oposite on me i have more muscle spams than ever and cant sleep tenns unit make it worse. heat and ice use to work .now i take tramadol i can sleep and keeps pain at bay until active again then it does not help but i sleep fine

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