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Truckin on and now have an appt with a new Dr
clkwc1964 posted:
Hey FMily,

Well I am still working full time difficult as it has been. I love working and still really like my job. I have an appt with a rheumatologist who is great with fibromyalgia. I have thought about seeing her many times over the years but at times she was not taking new patients. Thankfully she is now and so I have an appt in August. I will keep you posted on her treatment options, suggestions- hopefully something good and not the same old drill. I am still fighting pain, and fatigue but am managing to get through my work day quite productively. I just kind of crash when I get off. Hope all is well with everyone. Cat:0)
dollbug responded:
Hello good to hear from you...MiMi in NC...I am glad that you are still able to work and I am glad that you enjoy what you do....this is so very important..

I am glad that you are getting in to see the doctor you have been wanting to see...I hope that this doctor is a good fix for you and that you can get some good things to try....

I miss working...more missing having the adult contact than actually the work....I worked with numbers and disbursed a lot of money in my old job....I know that I could not do this now...(fog would not allow me to)...
and the chronic fatigue would not allow me to travel...there are days when I have issues just getting to the doctor and back...

Anyway...I am glad that you checked in with us...I hope you will continue to do so...there are so many members who join and then just vanish...and I wonder how these people are doing also...this place is almost like a revolving door....with so many coming and going...or so it seems....perhaps they are still *lurking* or perhaps they found what the needed and decided to move on...

Take care and good luck....I hope you will share any good *tools and tips* that you might find to help you along the way...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 responded:
Morning Cat 0).

I am happy to hear you are surviving, but you do sound like you need a tune up, a bit better then where you are at.

Think about my baby savella, the 12.5mg tablet that I use. It helped me so much. I don't know if you are on Cymbalta or a SSRI, SNRI but this little guy helps the day begin and get me into the work (distraction) of the day.

I hope that the toolbox has helped with all the non medical things that can tune you up, and then reveiwing the meds with this doc, hoping she has a perfect mix for you.

Working helps more then just the paycheck, it is stimulating to the mnd, distraction from the pain (though it is still on me at times...I just thermacare, medicate or rub a door jam*) Nothing stops me from coming to the office for my mind as well as my body!

Good luck, I hopeit continues to be an enjoyment for you. Hugs, Nancy B
xperky responded:
Hi Cat. So glad you are enjoying your job. I can certainly understand having to crash after work though.

I hope the new doc will be able to fine-tune your meds. Maybe she'll give some suggestions as to how you may find some energy after work.

One thing that you can try in the meantime - as soon as you get home, get comfy, refreshed, and then spend maybe ten minutes meditating. Meditation can boost energy levels.
With Compassion,
Burgie74 responded:
3 minutes ago Hi Everyone.. I was diagnosed with fibromyaglia about two years ago. I do full time and the shift is graveyard. I have been... Posted by Burgie74 I was diagnosed with fibromyaglia about two years ago. I do full time and the shift is graveyard. I have been on all the different meds the dr. were giving me and had enough. I just felt toxic. I was tired of all the side effects. I have been trying something new and it has been working for me. Thought i would share. I have been taking pure MSM twice a day with Grape seed extract as well twice a day. What a difference. I havent taken any of those meds in the last three months. I have gone on a gluten free diet,as well as get rid of any and all corn anything. I also have taken myself off the effexor which contributed to weight gain and more depression. I have taken 5Htp which helped. I swtiched to St. Johns Wart. I also go to the gym and exerceise 30 mins. Walking swimming etc. What a difference. I eat alot of chicken and vegetables. I do occasionally slip and eat some sweets but hey. I feel great and it has only been three months. Not saying it will for everyone but it has helped me alot. I feel almost normal. I also want to be a truck driver with this not sure if they will hire me because of these problems but i am hopeful.I hope this helped even one of you . Have a great day.i also take multi vitamins,vitamin C, Calcium and D3 together and B-12 they are gummie vitamins how fun they are to take ..

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