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birdie1120 posted:

My name is Becky and I wanted to say to you all. I have been diagnosed with fibro for a few years, but I think I have had it since I was a teen. I remember pain way back when I was 14 after my period started.I have arthritis in my back that does not help the fibro pain. I was told that I have bone spurs in my upper back as well. My neck muscles are really tight most of the time no matter what I do. The one thing I wanted to know is when you are not in pain do you guys ever feel like you have a tickle in your bones and joints and pain receptors? I have had that on and off for years. It is like my body is overworking to get rid of the pain and it feels just strange. I sometimes wonder if this is something other people have felt. There are times I feel like I am not going to get rid of the pain. My pdoc gave me an antidepressant that I agree with it helps the depression for hte most part, but there are times i feel helpless about all of the pain.

I feel better knowing I can finally feel like maybe someone knows how i feel. Which I am sure is quite a few of all of you or all of you at that. it is nice to be able to hopefully talk to people who understand what i feel and go through.
katmandulou responded:
Hi Becky and Welcome!

I hope you'll find us friendly and helpful. A lot of us have been here for a long time, and we understand what you're going through.

There are some antidepressants that help get rid of FM pain! I've been on one since my diagnosis in 2005. You should mention to your doc that it's not enough, and he/she might increase the dose. Let your doc know how you feel so he/she can help!

You'll see a lot of good links on the right - make sure you use what you can. My fave site is . You'll find some helpful tools there. Read The Spoon Theory, it's a great way to let your family and friends know what you're going through.

Have the best day you possibly can!
jillylin responded:
Hi Becky.
Jilly in the UK
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome aboard, Becky.

Sorry for your need to be here but glad you found us.
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
birdie1120 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you all for your welcomes. I just started to feel my pain again. I am gearing my mind up for the flare ups I get. I know i am going to look into the doc as soon as possible for my pain. I am probably gonig to have to.

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