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back again
marysings posted:
Hello, my name is Mary. I haven't been to this community in a long time. I was diagnosed with fibro in the fall of 2002.

Several weeks ago I had a "remission" of the symptoms. I really felt good. It didn't last long and now I am hurting - all over, even the soles of my feet hurt.

I'm on SSD and cannot work due to the fibro and a few other health issues.

I've posted for suggestions for the uncomfortable pain/aches I am enduring right now.

I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I'm sometimes out of control, but I love and give with all my heart. Have patience with me as I heal.
xperky responded:
Welcome back Mary. I'm glad you enjoyed a remission. Sorry your are back!

You might try to 'search this community' about your specific pain areas. I'm so grateful to have found helpful tips here.

Take it extra easy so as not to create a bad flare.
With Compassion,
booch007 responded:
Mary...welcome home* to the Fmily,

I really feel people come and go here so much. A wax and wane. When you need the board you are here and if life takes you are gone. This is a good thing. BUT glad to have a senior experienced player back to the site!

I joined in 2003 I think when I started trigger point injections and was in a major tune up mode, plus the neurpologist put a LABEL ON ME.....and I needed to figure it out. Bought books and reached out to all those great people who I clung to for info.

Still close to Sharon and in touch with Daun and Cloud and Pat.....These people are forever in your life.

Well you know where the toolbox the right under resources and maybe there is a new tool in there to help you.

Be good to you.....breaking our laws (like I did)..or crossing the line brings you back to misery at times. I am hurting this morning and I know what I did to give it to me .

Please stay and be a part of the page....glad to have you back! NancyB
fibroinsd responded:
welcome back sorry you are in pain again..hugs..cece
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
1wareaglefan responded:
Hi, Mary....welcome back! I remember you when you were here before. I've been away for awhile, too, b/c I've been totally focused on my knee replacement I had on May 1. In fact, I believe I saw you on one of the TKR boards.

I'm sorry you're back to hurting again. My knee pain has been center stage, but now that I'm moving around more, I'm noticing my fibro all-over pain is still with me. And I, too, have horrible feet pain!

Just wanted to say, it's good to see you back!


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