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my body is on fire take 2.. lost the first one lol...
DakotaWilsonFM posted:
every little touch is driving me nuts today... especially my clothes... I wish I lived alone... lol... I wouldn't be wearing any lol.... lol...

My nerves especially in my hips and thighs and back are extremely sensitive today... my neck joined the game play soon as I tried to fall,... I think I should have let me fall,,, catching me did more damage then good... I snapped in my back and neck when I twisted to catch myself... I am not having a good day... but can't have it good all the time...

My tummy is missing the reglan... on my 4th dose of half a tablet... and I think it doesn't like the new dose... I found the money to get the prescription from Canada... or the UK... one takes longer in getting here... but is $10. cheaper... but if I can order it now I should be about weened off the reglan when it should about arrive... something tells me I won't want to go without it for very long before taking something and my Dr says this one from Canada may cost cash but is worth it... It isn't too expensive... so I will swing it... My son said he would help if needed... after I get set on the meds and we know it is tolerated I can by them 6 months at a time and then it is like half price...

I don't like spending money on anything... but my Dr wouldn't ask me to if it wasn't important... He is very understanding... I just don't want to slip back into colitis or the nasty bacterias... I don't want a relaps from feeling like a new woman... and if I have to get help I will... I am worth it... wouldn't have said that a while back...

Mentally and mood wise I am pretty slow today... I think it finally hit me that the Parkinsons is there... and even tho I may get a bit better it is another one of those... "Live with it" conditions... I am sad... a bit worried... and worn out talking and thinking about it... you might say I am depressed... and my manic depression is threatening me... my psychiatrist doesn't want to start a new med after weening me off abilify... she wants to see how I do without anything... I feel a little threatened by that and told her she could pay for any manic shopping sprees lol... she just laughed... and what if I am serious... My spending is the first I go manic about usually... lol... that and paranoia so I hibernate...

I have to go rest... took forever to write this... and I didn't sleep well... I need to rest... hurting is a new and magical word for me today... Somedays it is an experience and a half... today... double that...

I will check back later... take care...

soft and gentle hug... love... Jan/Dakota
thenikki64 responded:
I hope today is a better day. I have been battling the depression thing here lately. At least I don't have the mania to deal with:) The doctors are testing me for rheumatoid arthritis/lupus AGAIN...had some swollen joints, redness, pain!! in my right hand, and of course, I am right handed. It is much better now without any treatment, but it is still there.

I am also having unexplained weight loss. As a gastric bypass patient (over 8 years postop), I am very aware of my weight and what I eat. This has not changed, but the pounds are slowly dropping, and now some of my clients are asking me if I am 'okay'. So very sweet, but a little alarming.

So I'm tired (fatigue has been awful for the past few weeks), I'm achy, I have a poor attitude, and my husband would like his happy wife back! Not that he would ever say that, but I know I would like him to have his happy wife back, too.

You rest today, feel better, and I will try to do the same. My family has a big celebration tomorrow--niece graduating from college combined with Father's Day--so I have that to look forward to! Take care!!
Pam in Savannah

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