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SilverDove7 posted:
Does anyone else jerk with their fibromyalgia? I dont know if it is the Fibromyalgia or the Neurotin Im on. 600mg three times a day. It doesnt just jerk in one place it moves around.

mnjeepguy responded:
I would suggest Magnesium for twitching, and as redundant as it may be, watch caffiene, some of us are sensative to it.
Fibrofog64 responded:
I don't take Neurotin and I twitch all the time. toward evening it is mostly my legs (restless leg syndrom) but my hands and arms jerk all day. Sometimes it is so strong that I drop whatever I have in my hands. Most of the time I carry things with two hands. I have found a homiopathic that helps with the RLS. It is called Restful Leg. I get it at Walmart. It doesn't always work with the jerking in my hands and arms.

SilverDove7 replied to Fibrofog64's response:
I have restless leg syndrome and I have taken requip for it for a long time. It has worked very good for me. So I know thats not what it is.

Bellagirl31 responded:
I too jerk or twitch all the time as well. When I flare people watch out. I would get embarrassed by it bit now I tend to find humor just to keep me going. Get your vitamin levels checked. Otger than RLS which can be the main culprit, your body could be lacking in some way.

SilverDove7 replied to Bellagirl31's response:
Do any of you itch along with the jerking or burn?

Ps. Ive never seen the movie Sabrina but ive heard from others its a good movie.

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