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SilverDove7 posted:
I have started to have burning sensations. Its not in the same tends to move around. It also feels kind of prickley. Almost like a sunburn. Has anyone else experienced that? If so what causes it?

booch007 responded:
Good Morning Sabrina,

(oh I love that movie and name!)

For me, when you speak of burning I think of nerves. Usually and impinged nerve will speak out with a numb sensation and a burning after that. Your body trying to get you attention that something is up.

When I have had this i warm the area with heat and then massage the muscle to get it from being congested around a nerve. Now I am a CMP person more then FM, so I have taut muscles and trigger points. Often with this symptom to the toe or toes...the legs....and a squeeky little muscle in my back does this. The fix for me is the same. Heat and massage.

Sometimes just wiggling my legs and pointing toes up and down to milk the calf muscle can change the sensation I have.

It is annoying.

I hope you get more hits with ideas for you. It is always something....Good luck, all my best, Nancy B
jillylin responded:
I have this in my legs and it has become a real fixation with me as I can't seem to get it to shift. I have been given Robinerole which as reduced it a little.
Jilly in UK

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