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Fiber tablets vs. fiber powdered drink
goredbirdsgo posted:
As I'm sure is the case with many of you I have IBS as well as fibromyalgia. In your opinnion which works better the fiber tablet pills or the fiber powder drink?
I really need to find something that works!
Randm2220 responded:
Neither one worked for me. I use a glass of lemon juice in the morning along with a prune. If needed I follow up with mom (milk of magnesia). This combo works well for me after trying everything else under the sun. Hope you find a combo that works for you!

booch007 responded:
I think the liquid is have to hydrate to chase the fiber anyway. In pill form , there are so many crevices in the bowel where it just may gather...liguid is already dissolved. Thats my take.

I used to use Metamucil.

Good luck, my cure was getting off gluten I didn't heve IBS (in the end...), like clockwork now....natural fiber with vegatables and fruits is natures way. But if that is not what you have and all is processed and fiber stripped, it is always a good thing to help the body along.

Nancy B

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