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Vitamin D
fibrofran17 posted:
HI, new here, and THANK YOU. Just started the 60,000 D's and your info leads me to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel, a loooong dark tunnel. My test showed a 6, so all I can do is improve. Just woke up so forgive my short post, blessings and gratitude to you all.
michmorn responded:
I'm going to do the same. Taking vitamin D. Next time I'm at the dr I'll ask him to check my level. I bet my B12 is low again too.

Best wishes to you fibroFran!
An_246108 replied to michmorn's response:
MichMom, Back atcha! The doc that took the Vitamin D levels was surprised the doctor before him at the Same clinic didn't check for B's, so I have to go back and do's infuriating how the care gets so strechedddddddddddd out over time, years, as the moments of our lives tick away. BUT, we keep hoping and trying
to improve, the alternative is not really an alternative, although I throw in the towel at least once a day only to keep on keeping on. I know professionally that vitamin B's have a tremendous effect on our brains, mood, all over functioning, mental status so I have hopes that raising the D's and perhaps B's can really help alot. I wish I still had the fortunes I've spent over my lifetime on lower doses of D's, and vitamins and supplements. the dosages didn't match up with the deficiencies! Live and learn lol. Take care, stop and smell the roses, sagebrush, smog, and if you're lucky enough to have a doggy, smell the sweetness of his head lol, fibrofran

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