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    Includes Expert Content
    Dr. P: Fibro and fungus??
    michmorn posted:
    Hi Dr. P and Fibro community,

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a correlation between fungal infections and Fibromyalgia? I've read it "could possibly" be one of the causes. Along with trauma and a few others. Would we know if we have a fungal over growth in our bodies?

    Thanks in advance.
    michmorn responded:
    to clarify...I do not think I have a fungal infection. But am curious about how one would know and if there was an over growth and could it cause fibro symptoms if left untreated?
    booch007 responded:
    I will chime in on this for a moment.

    I had always had issue with Candida or a rectal rash (probably TMI) and fungus under the breasts arriving in the summer from sweating.

    As a nurse I knew the fix, not the cure....well the bowel balance was so off from the gluten I was ingesting and I took a 3 combo acidophillus med for a while after being gluten free and it straightened out the flora in the more of that. AT ALL!

    And then I got great advice that I share with every patient with large pendulous breasts or that look like they have issues too. After showering, I dry all crevices with the hair dryer and put my "secret" deoderant under my arms and then a quick swipe under the breasts!!

    NEVER did I ever think of is preventive to stop the sweating that is the set up for the skin fungus to grow. Bra, bathing suit and I, am so comfortable now. No stickiness there...

    I heard this from Sis in Florida, telling me they all do this in Florida (dang hot there!).

    There is alot written on systemic candida infiltration from a leaky gut in IBS or and inflamatory bowel situation. Well, I believe I was there.........

    Still here and in trouble but I chip away at each thing that comes my way and try to be better then the day before.
    These were my last pearls of wisdom I had received...

    I share...Take care, Nancy B
    Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
    Hi michmorn,

    There are no studies I'm aware of looking at or linking fibro to a specific fungus. Certain types of fungal infections of skin or toenails are not likely to cause or affect fibro, probably because they are localized and treatable.

    But I've seen how generalized infections, esp those that are hard to get rid of or can be chronic, can trigger fibromyalgia. Viral infections (ie Epstein Barr/mono), bacterial infections (ie Lyme's, a tick-borne disease, Chlamydia) and even yeast (Candida) all have been implicated in causing/triggering FM in some people.

    As Nancy B already mentioned, Candida is one such yeast/fungus that may overgrow in fibro and aggravate the fibro. Perhaps the reverse is true as well, that is, some with candida overgrowth problems may be triggered to develop fibro.

    Candida is usually referred to as a yeast when it is behaving properly in our intestinal system. It is an important part of our normal flora, friendly organisms, that aid in the digestion process, utilization of certain vitamins, and other functions.

    If the intestinal environment changes, ie from an antibiotic that wipes out the friendly bacteria but spares the candida, the candida may overgrow and become more aggressive. It can start releasing a toxin that causes widespread skin rash, fatigue, pain. The overaggressive candida changes its
    Mark Pellegrino, MD replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    Whoops! Left that last response hanging like a fungus......

    Here's the rest of my response:

    The overaggressive candida changes it's morphology and becomes a fungus at this point, with tentacles called hyphae that grow and pierce the intestinal lining and cause leaky gut symptoms.

    Those with fibro and their altered immune system and their meds are probably more at risk to get the candida overgrowth, when the friendly yeast turns into a nasty fungus.

    Hope this clarifies your query. And I hope there is no fungus among us.

    (sorry, I couldn't resist..... )

    Dr. P
    gepe53 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    It is VERY hot where I live and almost every summer I get a rash from the heat which turns into yeast/fungi.It is so gross!! burns an itches terrible!! I've always been a "sweat hog"...haha an now I'm on many RX's for the fibro.The one which will cause hot flashes an sweating is Cymbalta.I just have to learn to live w/h this cuz' I can't stop my med.The Dr told me to stay out of the heat as much as possible,use baby powder in all the creases an folds of skin.No tight fitting clothing,take tempt-cool showers too. I was wondering....does having herpes simplex cause one to have fibromyalgia?
    michmorn replied to gepe53's response:
    Good question gepe53. I have no idea. Also thank you to everyone who replied. In a lot of pain today. Have to make it brief.
    michmorn replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    Thanks Dr. P for your reply. And for your great sense of humor. Made me giggle. Needed that today.
    michmorn replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy B,

    You are the best. Thank you so much for always taking the time to reply.

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