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Possible fibro
AshRoxtheMic posted:
Hello.. I'm 25 and over the past few months and have been in pain. My docs keep saying its all anxiety(I have an an anxiety disorder).. I've been having pain from my lower back and down both legs through my knees and to my ankles. With my ankles hurting the worst at times. I've noticed patterns in my pain like if I'm cold my legs feel like pens and needles. But it's not just my legs, it's my elbows and wrist and shoulder. It's sometimes to the point of crying because of pain. Sometimes it's nauseating! Not sure if it's fibro or not. Not sure how to ask my doctor
DublinGirl responded:
It can take a long time to diagnose and normally they won't say it's FM until you've had constant pain for over 3 months all over your body. There are certain pressure points that can be tested and if you feel pain in most of them then it can be FM. You can ask your Dr if he/she will test you for it to help ease your anxiety if nothing else. For now, if it's only something that hit recently, activity will help, swimming, walking, yoga or pilates. You'll need to find what suits you. It's unlikely they'll put you on meds straight away. Good luck and I really hope it's not FM, but if it is, there's treatments.
gdsjoy responded:
I am blogging about my journey with Fibro. I have had so many people in the past year tell me that I should do something like this, so I have just started. Sometimes reading what others are going through, or have gone through, helps. For one, you know that you are not crazy. Maybe I am, and then you can point the finger at me.

It is a horrible thing to go through. But I will tell you, that you will feel better in time, perhaps not all the time, but there will be good days. Find anything good to focus on instead of the pain. do all you can to be joyful. It sounds impossible, and may take a while to get there. I'm still learning, and its been 8 years since I was diagnosed. But, the last five years, I have had some very good days, and have learned how to cope and make changes in my life to deal with this nightmare called Fibromyalgia. But you can change nightmares, and you can change the outlook of what you are going through, one step at a time.

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