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can you say FLARE??
sugardoddle posted:
hello friends,
just wondering if anyone else is at the "about to scream" stage? The past 2 weeks have been just awful!! Everything burns and aches, and is so sore!!
I also have PMR and am not sure which thing is flaring, but I feel like there is an evil alien running around in my blood stream pummeling is Not my friend...
Any suggestions for relief?
greenwitch68 responded:
Sorry to hear you are at that "almost screaming" point.
I've been having a rough go of it with my legs and arms lately
and it is so frustrating.
Maybe try giving it a good scream, grab a pillow and let loose into it, might help.
My daughter bought me Tiger Balm and that does help a bit.
Be careful though because it will stain things an odd yellowish orange color. Its only minor relief. But sometimes that's just enough to avoid the "scream"
Feel better and good luck.
Kath G
DublinGirl responded:
Hi Sugardoddle,

A hot bath or shower, preferably a bath and soak. If you can manage it, do some exercise beforehand, even if it's just a walk. I find the tiger balm great too.

Have you tried doing something to make you laugh? I know that's probably the last thing on your mind right now, but if you watch a funny film or comedy show that really makes your eyes water with laughter then you're working other muscles and also releasing endorphins naturally into your system that can help believe it or not. That's a trick I learnt from The Secret. It's not about FM, it's for staying positive, but even if it's only for a short while, it does help me. I'm a Billy Connolly fan .

And sure if it helps, give a good scream... who's stopping you? Maybe just warn the people you live with in case you scare the life out of them.

All the best
Rachael x

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