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what's wrong with me???
spiritwolf8 posted:
hi every1. i'm new here. i've been diagnosed w/fibro a few months ago. i'm on Cymbala. since started dealing w/my symptoms i've found i can't walk or stand for even short periods w/o extreme back pain. if i do any exercise or just do something like go to the mall w/a friend i feel exhausted, sore, n drained for the next few days. is this normal for fibro??? cuz i've been wondering if i may have something else. i'd appreciate any input.
xperky responded:
I often feel like you described. I have FM plus arthritis. I think you will hear from a lot of us, that we have to plan our activities with rest inbetween.

With time, you will find what is normal for you. Unfortunately, FM causes a lot of lifestyle changes. The important thing is to avoid creating a flare by pushing too hard. You can still go to the mall with your friend, but you may need to hit fewer stores than you'd like!

I assume your doctor has tested you for all kinds of things and came to the conclusion that you don't have other things. However, our bodies do change with time, so bring up any new symptoms at your next appointment.

Sorry you are going through this.
With Compassion,
booch007 responded:
I agree you sound like some of my days.

You are so early in this path to watching your body and symptoms and figuring out what you can do and what will cross the line.

I haven't been to a mall in years. Last time i went, I brought a friend and a pull luggage cart to hold the Christmas shopping. It near did me in. I have not gone back. QVC and are my sites as well as local one two three shopping.

It takes time to learn your pace. I reserve a day in itself for a big trigger like that, I always have a cart to lean and rest on and premedicated pior to the adventure.......(if the store doesn't have carts...I am not in there)

Geez doesn't that sound like alot just to go shopping? But this is what it takes for me! Whew.......but I don't do malls anymore. I park and go in that staore...move the car and go in that store...and that is how I survive.

I also have back pain involvement and do pelvic tilting on the floor or in bed to stretch the back muscles it helps so much. Be sure to have the back looked at so it is not anything really wrong or you have kidney problems with infection or a many things can give back pain.

We have to be diligent in being seen and real issues taken out of the picture before blaming our dragon for every ache and pain we have. Be sure to have the spine looked at. OK? Good luck, Nancy B
fibroinsd responded:
I am wondering if the back pain could be something else...I have back pain...but to say you can't stand ...that seems even more than the regular back pain...have you had it checked by a doctor?

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
spiritwolf8 replied to fibroinsd's response:
no i haven't had a dr check out my back pain or inablity to stand for long or walk distances. i don't have insurance
jennagale76 responded:
I understand exactly how you feel. The last time I went to the mall, I was in so much pain in my lower back by the time I got in, I could barely walk by the time I got back out to my car. The pain has made my legs go out from under me and I didn't want that to happen in public! Standing for a long period does the same thing to me, my legs buckle and the pain in my lower back is excruciating. It's normal for me, not sure how normal it is for the fibro population in general.

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