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feline3marney posted:
I am new to this discussion and am not a computer wiz,so I hope I can actually do this right! I've had fibro since '95 and had a doctor that was very helpful and compassionate.She is NOT a pill pusher,but my family--who do not "get" fibro have decided that I'm over-drugged and have insisted I use a doctor that is clueless. He doesn't even believe that fibro exists. Unfortunately,my dear concerned,sons have burned bridges with my doctor. I have found a fibro specialist,but my 1st appt is not 'till Aug. My life----as you all know, has been altered completely by this disease and I had found a way,over the years,with the help of my doctor, to do some of the things that make me feel human.I have been able to sit through concerts and theater with a little extra pain meds. I am so angry at this point that I feel like giving up. My family is feeling that I am a hypochondriac.I hurt all the time and can barely leave the house. This Dr. that I hate will give me nothing but NASAIDS, which don't work because fibro is not inflamation! I can't exercise because I hurt so much and I am scared. If I don't like this new fibro Dr.---I'm screwed. I'am sorry to dump on you all,but I'm jusst plain angry. It's bad to have an invisable disease. I always prided myself on being reliable and have losst friends becaause of this. I'm too tired to continue this and I hope to get out of this post without erasing everything.
booch007 responded:
Good morning and welcome to the fmily,

It takes years to hone the tools that help, but it can get better. I I used to shake my head at that, but it is true.

The key is the doctor and then the right meds, then using our toolbox of self help things we have learned. As you are not new to this I am sure you have learned a few tricks along the way. the right under resources is the fmily toolbox, a long post at this point but a valuable one.

Written many years ago by alot of people who have moved on and then ones that are here now.

Glad you found us and know we are open 24/7! Dr Pellegrino is is here to help as well. He is wonderful with a great sense of humor. He also shares this disease with us, SO...a good perspective.

Type a note with his name in the heading and he will answer on the weekends (usually).

I wish you all the best in the "right fit" MD and the less meddling of your primary to be involved.......

Nancy B
1wareaglefan responded:
Forgive me, but I don't understand why your sons and the rest of your family are controlling which doctor you see. If you had a doctor who helped you live with this awful illness, then I think you should stick with him.

I'd sit down with my family and have a nice long talk with them and lay out the facts about what you're dealing with. It's your decision which doctor you see, not theirs.
An_246439 responded:
Sounds like you need to find your own Dr and tell your family to mind their own business.

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