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    FMS, frustration, anger, depression
    ironingtheirony posted:
    Hello all? I am a 39 year old lifelong sufferer of FMS. A lot of the symptoms cropped up before even became a teenager - first the emotional and then the physical.

    Imagine dealing with others picking on you without the proper mental and physical constitution to protect yourself or fight back? And then...have this problem loom over you still...lifelong...can't get it out of your continues to shatter your confidence. ANGRY!

    Imagine the embarrassment of not being able to hold a pencil or screwdriver correctly AND also experiencing massive pain while attempting a BASIC FUNCTION...and still not succeeding...dropping the object or massive hand cramping. ANGRY 2x!

    Imagine continuous brain fog - during academic examinations, while driving, while trying to remember something you've seen/read/heard, during conversations, or while interrupting a conversation with what you were thinking about BEFORE you f'ing forgot it. ANGRY 3x!

    Imagine having to leave your home country just because you couldn't get disability, can't afford insurance or at least find a job that doesn't cause FMS to flare up so much? I've had trouble holding down a job since I was 16. No I am forced into the English teaching profession because I don't have any place else to live other that the company that hires me. I am still stuck living in Iraq until a better job comes along. INFINITELY ANGRY!

    I have spent countless amounts on doctors from the both sides of the spectrum back when I lived in the states. They diagnose incorrectly, I suffer, they live large, I still suffer. Such ineptitude in the USA and nearly everywhere else! No more F'ing Doctors! STILL ANGRY!

    Now that I've vented (thanks for letting me), feel free to weigh in, comment, share, etc. Cheers!

    MandyCake responded:
    Jacob. I hear you and can relate. In the US... For 10 years they diagnosed me with Lupus, then for 5 years they changed that diagnosis to MS... Now they say it is Fibro with Osteoarthritis. The Mitral Valve prolapse they diagnosed me with they claim no longer exists. All my ekg's are abnormal, one documents an anterior infarction even. Chest xray shows enlarged heart...and I can gain 13-18 lbs in a day in fluid and pit badly with edema. They said nothing was wrong... Now, I'm told my small arteries are starting to collapse, my Gerd is sending fluid into my lungs and once again thinking Cancer. 2 years ago I had to have surgery and have my uterous taken. They had said the bloating, weight gain and pain was nothing. Turned out to be tumors that became necrotic. They told me that my Asthma of over 20 years did not exist... Now it's COPD... My allergies none, yet I swell, get rashes and stop breathing by some allergens and get contact dermatitis with others. My entire life is one big misdiagnosis after another. Other tests have found so much more... I can't "fake" the test results.. so am I the one crazy or are they?
    gdsjoy responded:
    Yep, I agree. But there is still hope of having happy days. It helps to vent. I have been blogging, just start recently. If you are interested, my first blog is here .

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