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Just in - rheumy is convinced I have some kind of RA along w FM
xperky posted:
Those of you that know me have seen me post about my "possible inflammatory arthritis" diagnosis. Well, after last week's doctor visit, he is "convinced it is some kind of RA." He's not removing the FM diagnosis. I understand the two come together often.

My rheumatic blood tests came back negative this week, but a certain percentage of RA patients never test positive, or test positive later on during the disease process. I hope I never test positive, because I think that usually means a better prognosis as far as joint destruction goes.

So, finally that explains some of my red, puffy joints, toes and fingers, trouble walking on the MTP's, the pinky fingers sticking out and up, grinding MCP joint, and the occasional puffy neck lymph glands, etc. It also explains why anti-inflammatories help my foot pain so well.

I know some of you have FM with RA plus...I guess I am in good company.

There are other illnesses I deal with too! Sometimes it seems amazing I am functioning so well. I've learned to take things one day at a time, and that helps take the stress out of it all. I also try to practice moving meditation which shows the beauty and wonder in all things all day. It's such a centering practice.

It is also extremely helpful for me to be able to come here and talk about these things with all of you understanding people. You are so great to lean on, and I feel like leaning a little today!
With Compassion,
dollbug responded:
Hello Margaret...MiMi in NC....I read your post and it was husband did some outside work a couple of weeks ago...and when he came home he had several ticks on him...we got them off and one of them which was on his back...turned into a very large red place...I watched it for a while..and then told him I did not think it was getting he went to the doctor...who looked at it and thinks he has lyme...

The doctor told him that he was not going to check his blood since he said often times it would come back negative I have to wonder why do the doctors have these tests, IF they know they are not accurate on the findings...

I also think that there are a lot of other tests which might never reveal what needs to be known...seems like a waste of time and money to me...I guess the doctor thinks it is also..

Anyway...I hope you will continue to find ways that will help you cope are correct about stress being a factor..and sometimes we do not even realize just how stressful we are.

Take care and good luck.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
crystalscats responded:
Sorry to hear Margaret. I have had R/A since a teen. My ana has always been positive and now nuclear as well. I remember going to new PC doc in my 30's and him asking me if I some how managed to break both my pinkie fingers and not get reset? LOL Told him no. R/A since teen. He then looked at my toes and knees! I never wear open shoes now!

I have read many of your post and find comfort in them. I also kind of wonder about your user name. Xperky? I don't see you as a X perky person I still see the positive thinking and perkiness in your posts.

xperky replied to dollbug's response:
Thanks MiMi, I will continue to look for new coping methods.

I hope your husband will be fine after treating the tick bites. Lyme is surely one of those diseases that's difficult to test for and best treated, just in case.

The auto-immune diseases are hard to diagnose. It seems rheumatologists have to have a good sixth sense!

Be seeing you.
With Compassion,
xperky replied to crystalscats's response:
Oh Crystal, so sad you've had to suffer the deformities of RA through your young years. I used to think I had pretty feet, and enjoyed painting my toenails in the summer. Now, the 4th and 5th toes are crooked and always seem swollen, so I feel like you, and prefer to cover them.

I'm glad you see some "perkiness" left in me! It warms my heart to think I may have provided a little comfort to someone who needed it. I enjoy your personality too.
With Compassion,

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