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Condition crisis
mike201 posted:
I have had severe RA for almost two years and am unable to walk without drugs. I have been taking serious pain medication for most of that time . Today I find out that I have also developed Fibromyalgia in my back, neck, shoulders and hands. In order to sleep I need to take more pain medications when I was hoping to get off them. It now seems that I will need to keep up the morphine related tablets - OxyContin as it is a choice between little sleep or lots of drugs and the longer term consequences. This state of affairs is getting me down and is a heavy concern for my wonderful wife. I am now seriously concerned about the future and how to manage my deteriating health. I have also been diagnosed with shogran's disease (spelling) which means I now no longer can eat without plenty of water. My eyes need constant lubricating at night. Life is looking a bit grim with little in the way of a silver lining. I am looking for some kind words and a little group wisdom. A smile goes a long way but the effort for me seems a battle of huge proportions. May you all be well. Mike
crystalscats responded:
Boy do I feel you! I had to knock myself out to sleep last night. I too have R/A (since teen), FMS and Lupus. The pain at times is unbearable. I too was taking the morphine/hydro codene meds. I am now just taking tramdol/ultram as did not like the other meds. However doc also said since having problems as teen I have learned to tolerate pain much more than other people.

My spouse is wonderful about it. He understands I am in pain every day. Some days better than others. I keep optimistic though as still alive and not in a home. I am only 50 and not ready. It took me longer to understand and cope with it all than him. It is hard on your mind to accept how you are now. My friends do so much more than me at my age. But again I am alive and having a loving spouse and son.

Be sure to read the tips and resources lots of good advice and wisdom there. Take Vit D supplements or get checked. They also have a R/A section with good advice. Life is only as grim as we let it be!

Take care!
xperky responded:
Hi Mike. It sounds like your new diagnosis of FM has only added more worries to your already complicated life.

Sorry you have to take such strong medicine. It's so difficult to decide which medicine to take, when, and for how long. It sounds like your RA is still not under control. Do you have any anti-rheumatic drugs for that?

I was just diagnosed with RA but I probably have a mild or early RA. My feet also kill me! Do your metatarsals and toes hurt? After a while on my feet they hurt and feel numb at the same time. Weird.

Sleep! What is that? Like you, I try not to take a lot of medicine to sleep, but that may mean tossing and turning until I give in and take a pill...ugh. I've found Lidoderm patches great, but expensive. Have you tried them?

I hate to open my eyes at night, because it will hurt. The dry eyes are awful. Have you had any success with otc dry-eye drops? I might try the ointment again, and see if it helps over night.

Thanks for sharing with us. I hope you will find some helpful hints here to make some of your FM symptoms less annoying. Keep trying to smile...people seem to warm up to a smiling face, and we need all the friends we can get!
With Compassion,
mike201 replied to crystalscats's response:
Thanks Crystal for your kind thoughts. Very much appreciated. I guess there is always some one worse off than yourself and this helps us keep going. You take care.
mike201 replied to xperky's response:
Hi Margaret
Thanks so much for your thoughts. I have just started Humira injections as my Enbrel shots were loosing the battle. My RA is severe and I do get sore feet and toes but not anything like my shoulders. Just had injections in both shoulders and this has helped a lot with the pain at night but this leaves my secondary Fribromylagia still active. This means I still need the stronger pain killers if I am to get any sleep at all. Yes, I have sjogren's disease and my eye and mouth are often completely dry. For eyes I use Celluvisc lubricating eye drops if really bad use Lacri-Lube a paraffin based lubricant. For my mouth I use water, sugarless gum and at night Bioltene gel. I sometimes have to treat my mouth four or five times a night.
Ah! It is so much fun having a chromic illness...gasp! Take care, Mike

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