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For the Girls, we discussed the torture of bras, how about taking on panties? I can't stand them either?
fibrofran17 posted:
The slightest touching all around the groin drives me crazy, have a gazillion different styles, fabrics, cuts, none good. ANY ideas. I confess I go without most of the time happily but with skirts I can't. Also need something to put pads on?? It takes forever to get dressed with this fibro from shoes, socks, shirts, waist and chest issues, temperature issues, I barely wear much in the house, very light tank type skimpy things are my wardrobe. Any ideas ladies? Thank you All in advance, so glad to be here. I never formally introduced myself, just jumped in and answered someone's post. Gently, FibroFran
katmandulou responded:
Hi Fran & Welcome:

I've fallen in love with the tag less Hanes panties. I find them very comfy on those 'difficult' days. Not to mention the discomfort of pads alone...

I hope you'll find us helpful and funny. Stick around!
booch007 replied to katmandulou's response:
I am with Kat...Hanes tagless is mine as well.....and with the muscle relaxant added to age...a pad in place is always needed*.

If they bother you go up in size by one. It will be more roomy and less confining. If you are able to wear pants, then this trick should work.

You have asked the doc about the zone in question right? Just making sure there isn't something else going on?

Hope this helped too. Glad to meet you and good luck remember we are open 24/7 ! Ha! Nancy B
fibrofran17 replied to katmandulou's response:
thanx Kat, will check them out. at least they're cheap if they don't work out. And I will definitely stick around. You have a fine day regardless, fibrofran
fibrofran17 replied to booch007's response:
Thanks Booch, yes I went through this brutal, humiliating, tortorous test for bladder issues....not going with their suggestions of surgery, NOT THERE. Will try Hanes, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. (I'm 61 and just was diagnosed after 20 years of a million doctors and tests with fibro, I knew I had it all along) I wasn't going to go to the last appointment to be interrogated and demeaned again BUT this Doctor said the word Fibro and my heart leaped, what a vindication finally. So glad to be here Nancy, forgive me if I forget your name next time lol. Take care and enjoy, fibrofran

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