FM symptom
Scissortail posted:
Are chills a FM symptom?
crystalscats responded:
They can be I believe, as I get them at times too. Sometimes I have chills, then will have the sweats. My hubby laughs as I carry a light sweater with me in the car, because if the air is too high in some places I freeze. Then can break into a sweat! We seem to be sensitive to a lot of things with FMS. Light, sun and smells bother me too.

teelady1 responded:
Ditto. I could have written exactly what Crystal wrote. Yes, I get chills and sweats (chills more). I am very sensitive to cold, noise, and light.
Randm2220 responded:
I get chills as well. I also have moments of sweats. I keep a blanket on the couch and use it all the time, even though we keep our house pretty warm. Other sensitivities are thrown in the too. Mine are to sound and light.
sexymamma12 replied to crystalscats's response:
Hello CrystalsCats I also get the same way with my fibro. If the air condition is on too high at work or school I start to hurt and I get the chills. But at night I sweat so much that I always have to take a morning shower. My husband sleeps with the air on and my back, feet, and body ache all over. I feel really crabby when I have to jump up. People think I'm crazy at work because I get so cold they don't understand that my body aches I look like a young girl but I am 37 and my body feels like it.
Scissortail replied to sexymamma12's response:
I do not know if this would help since you experience night sweats. We have a heated mattress pad that has dual controls. Maybe this would help you at night.