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DR P, PLEASE HELP Just started gapapenten, 300 three times a day, am 61
fibrofran17 posted:
celiac, fibro, have been on 10 celexa 15 years, tramadol only 50 as needed for 3 months. Doc at clinic started me on gababpentin last week and I am getting tremors all over my body , very dizzy, bluyrry vision, shakes, WORLD IS TURNING if i don't sit still, can't get in touch with doc till who knows when HELP, should I stopg gabapentin??? scared to continue, scared to stop? fibrofran
Anon_10089 responded:

Sorry for what you're going through. Dr. P is really good about answering but it seems like he answers over the weekend. So you may not get a response for a few days. There must be another doctor or nurse you can talk to. Or maybe call your pharmacist.

I don't want to give advice since I'm not a medical professional, but if you stopped the gabapentin now, you probably would not have too many stopping side effects, since you haven't been on it very long. But do as much research yourself as you can. Google "stopping gabapentin" or similar searches.

Hopefully, you'll be able to get in touch with a doctor!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
As the previous poster mentioned, Dr. P usually responds on the weekends and so you won't get an answer from him in a timely manner, not for your question. And even if he could, he can't give such specific advice about your prescribed medications.

Please call the clinic, the doctor, even your local pharmacist, to discuss this. They are the best people who can address this issue.

Let us know how it goes for you, Fran.
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