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Multiple dx of autoimmune diseases
deansmimi posted:
I have Fibro, osteoarth, hashimotos thyroiditis, lichen sclerosis,C O. P.D.,umbiblical hernia. a-fib. I take thyroid meds, and only Norco 7.5-325 for Fibro. I also take Swansons fibro relief, 1 tb under my tongue, and at the same time, I take otc ffibro relief, 2 tbs under tongue,both Homeopathic, when I'm flaring. I also take Swansons homeopathy called Insomnia for sleep, and Hylands leg cramp for leg
cramps. Swansons Hmpy, for excessive perspiration, 1tab UTongue.
Hylands #10Nat.Phos.6x for heartburn or gas. Also sometimes I may take benedryl for sleep, in place of hmpy.Whatever works!! On the 30th of July, I'll be starting at Spaulding outpatient Ctr. with a
Psyiatrist. I*'m in a lot of constant pain in my shoulders, arms and upper back. I've lost mch of my reach, where I've had to relocate my dishes, etc. from cabinets to my kitchen table, also had to buy Correlle Dishes for their weight. I've also lost 4 1/2" in height.

I'm also very fatiqued, and have become very isolated because of
no understanding with friends or relatives. I have sent much correspondance to them, but it's obvious they have ignored it. I've
had this for many years, but still get sick of the questions that I've answered too many times. I'm pretty lucky, I can keep my independance, as I get rides for the disabled to take me for appointments and shopping.

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome here, Marie.

As sorry as I am for your need to be here, I'm glad you found us. You've found a wonderful and supportive community here.
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
xperky responded:
Hi Marie. I've often wondered how those rides for the disabled work. It seems like a great program. Do they charge a fee? Are they flexible about scheduling?

Anyway, so sorry about all your ailments. You sure have lost a lot of height. Is that all from osteoarthritis?

Too many questions from I hope your physiatrist helps. Let us know.
With Compassion,
deansmimi replied to xperky's response:
Hi Margaret, Thank you for your interest. I think some of the loss of height is from my thyroid cond. also.
"The Ride" is a great program. They come to your door to pick you up, make sure you're tied in, and walk you to your destination. For grocery shopping, they take your bundles
right to your door. They can't go inside, but will put bundles right inside your door, if off the street, or in an appt. Bldg., they will put it inside the main door. you're on your own after that. The fee was $2. each way, but just went up to $4. each way, which makes the two way trip from $4. to $8. now.It is
quite a jump, especially if you have to go 3 times a week
for medical, and shopping on top of that. It's really worth it, but hard to afford on a low or fixed income. It would have been a little easier if they had gone up to $3./$6. But it is what it is.
I couldn't get along without them.

Hope this finds you well.

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