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New med
Randm2220 posted:
Well, here goes...... Off my celexa and going to start cymbalta. I really don't enjoy med changes. I have felt like poop the past week coming off celexa. A few weeks ago I tried to come off lyrica with no success at all. What a miserable week that was! Nervous about beginning cymbalta. I have heard the side effects the first 2 weeks are no fun.

My DH has been very kind during the med change. He understands. Thank goodness... He did get a bit snippy once when I was not being very nice. Hopefully the cymbalta will do the trick.

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
I hope that this med change ends up being a positive one for you, Kim.
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
teelady1 responded:
Good luck, Kim. I haven't tried cymbalta so I can't comment on it - but many people do take it. I hope it works well for you. Glad your DH has been understanding - that helps.

I'm trying a new med myself - flexeril - a muscle relaxant. Hoping it will help with reducing the muscle tension at night which wakes me up. I just got the prescription today. Will try it tonight.
xperky responded:
Hi Kim, medicine changes are rough. Last week I changed Meloxicam to Voltaren and am feeling out of sorts. I've vowed to give it a few weeks, but today's diahrrea is pretty miserable.

You have been very smart about reducing gradually and then adding your new medicine. Hopefully what you've heard about the first 2 weeks will not apply to you!
With Compassion,
Randm2220 responded:
Thanks for the kind thoughts. Yesterday was a very foggy day. I couldn't concentrate on anything for very long. Also, upset tummy.

Tee lady, I take flexeril at night for the same thing and it has helped quite a bit with the night muscle tension. It doesnt get rid of it, but it has decreased it.

I hope all have a relatively pain free day!


booch007 responded:
Just dropping a note to say "good luck"....Nancy B
1wareaglefan replied to booch007's response:
Yes, good luck, and I understand about the "dreaded medicine change."

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