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Where is everybody from with FM
fibromo21 posted:
I am from Rochester Indiana 35 and been Dx since Oct 2010....I dislike this alot just putting that out
Randm2220 responded:

I am in peachtree city, Georgia.

We all dislike fibro..... Lol.
Sudiemay replied to Randm2220's response:
I'm 57 & from Carrollton, GA & had Fibro for a long time ~ dx in 96 but going to drs. since 87 for complaints... I had a melanoma surgery in 1987 & still cancer free {yea!} had carpal tunnel surgery, cervical disc replacement... I was so tired of drs. telling me every problem was just in my head that I was ready to scream. After being dx w/ fibro, I sprained my ankle & found out I had Arthritis also. I knew I was in alot of pain, my head hurt from migraines, my body would not hold up to do what I needed to do on a daily basis, something had to be done...I've been on disibility since 2006.
booch007 responded:
I am in Putnam County , New York.... Lower NY above the city area........ Grew up on L.I. at the beach! Nancy B
jennagale76 responded:
Marietta, OH
fibromo21 replied to Randm2220's response:
nice to meet you Randm2220
just wish there was a pill that i can take to make it all go away
fibromo21 replied to Sudiemay's response:
I have had surgerys since 96 started with thyriod.
both knees orthoscopic done told i had a crap load of arthrotis
gall blatter removed
both eyes surgery
i am bi-polor since 96
fibromyalgia 2010
i am so tired of being a lab rat and i do have lots of support from home but sometimes i still feel alone
fibromo21 replied to booch007's response:
nice to meet you Booch007
fibromo21 replied to jennagale76's response:
nice to meet jennagale76
tlp2815 responded:
Chicopee MA. Dx'd over 10 years ago...

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