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hi happy happy day... lotsa lotsa pain
DakotaWilsonFM posted:
When I sang Happy Happy Birthday Baby to my first grandchild who turned 11 today I felt tears welt in my eyes... Thru all my morning pain the joy of having her here with me made life worth everything again...

It is party time... Grandmother hurts and keeps apologizing and Janet is just like her mother... patiently waiting for the smallest of parties... Tomorrow... I have two parties at the same time and no choice but to be there and at my "best"... the best that this Jan can be anyway... I would laugh at that... lol... but I'm not laughing... I didn't laugh back then either... when my daughter was so understanding.

It is nice to have a couple of friends to fall back on... Now... mine are my SR and JR boys... one is the father and one is the son... and I don't know what I would do without them... I can only imagine trying to get by and my imagination doesn't work that good lol...

When the kids were small I didn't have a lot of people back then to fall back on... but I did always have at least one person... and that means the world to me... So when I find myself in the company of a pair... I am ever so happy...

Today is a sad day and a happy day... and A very proud and loving day... So with all my mixed emotion of past memories... memories in the making and memories to dream of in the future... It is a peaceful yet tremulous day...

I have 4 kids waiting for cupcakes... and it is time to get my feet up again... So I will share the cupcakes if I have to lol... and then maybe rest... maybe let my SR and JR help me out lol... I have been up too long...

Will write more later... take care... soft and gentle hugs...

Love... Jan/Dakota
maggiethedoglover responded:
Dear Dakota,

I am so sorry that you are in all of that pain. The dragon is certainly not a kind one to any of us.

Congratulations on your grandbaby's 11th birthday. My youngest grandchild just turned 11 in June. She is my heart's delight as I am sure yours is to you. I hope that your joy erases any sadness that falls like a moonless night on your heart.

Take good care of yourself as you are doing for your family. It is so good to have helpers.

Soft hugs,


Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats - Voltaire
thenikki64 responded:
I do not have children of my own, but my husband's youngest son, Patrick, claims me as one of his moms:) Pat is in Afghanistan right now, a Marine, and we are so proud of him even though we miss him. He should be home in September. Making a short note longer, sorry, but in one of my letters to him I was musing about his future, marriage and children, when it occurred to me that I might get to be a grandma through him. I was surprised to find that I liked that idea, and I told him so, although I wasn't in any hurry to be one:) Family is wonderful most times, and I am very happy you can find joy in yours through all that pain. Take care!
Pam in Savannah

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