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Who do I goto for relief?
Jesseswife27 posted:
I've tried all kinds of medication. I take 100mg of Zoloft for my sever depression, and 400 mg 3times a day of gabapentin. And 50 mg of amitryptaline. I have been on lyrica, cymbalta. Physical therapy didn't help. What do I go to now? My doc doesn't like the idea of putting me on narcotics. But I don't know where else to go. I have been in tremendous pain for the las couple days, I have tried exercise like walking bike riding. But I'm having the hardest time.

What has helped you guys? I know we have all tried different things but I'm running out of options as is my doc.

Thanks Jeseswife from idaho
crystalscats responded:
Has your doctor tried Savella yet? I took the other two meds also and all they helped me with was neuropathy(diabetes nerve damage) not my FMS. For pain I don't take narc meds either I prefer Tramdol(Ultram). Both of these I have found the best for me. And Flexeril for muscles, mainly at night to sleep. But will take with Tramadol during day if bad flare.

But like we all say on here, no two people are the same! But ask your doc about these if you have not tried them yet. It takes time to find the right cocktail for each of us!


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