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hurting, need help!!!
Caitosgirl posted:
hello, I'm having a really hard time here, I have had fibromyalgia for about 10 years. The flare ups are coming more and more. I'm missing work more and more. I don't know what to do anymore. my doctor will only give me gabapentin and tramodol, and neither of them even come close to touching the pain. I'm lost as of what to do!! Any suggestions!???
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Caitosgirl and welcome here,

Are you able to pace yourself at all? Aside from medications, what other approaches are you using to combat the pain and fatigue? (Any supplements, exercise, stress-relief techniques, etc.)
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booch007 responded:
Hey good morning,

I sense the pain, I had this too at work and fought like a bandit to hold on. Thermacare patches on, using different muscles to do the activity of the day (as repetative use is a hugh trigger for pain for me). I take a muscle relaxer before bed for the morning stiffness and now in the morning as well and mid day to get through the afternoon need. Maybe you can try this?

Yes I was groggy in the begining and I worked through it. BUT I could walk out of the car and get home and not be locked in the seat in pain. I don't have that side effect anymore. I don't know what you do but maybe this can help.

Also the STOP PAIN lotions and I use sombra, in a large quart size pump bottle. bought it on the internet. It is what my Chiropractor used and I went with it. Helps me alot.

Having music on at work helped in the distraction department to get my mind of my body.....another helper. Be sure you are hydrating ALL day....I change shoes to a different pair to use different muscles.

Dr P taught us to "Keep your arms home" this is a huge trigger for me. I don't work above my head (I use a stool to get there) and this stops the pains I would have the next day form the effort....

Elbows in to the core body. Watching the body mechanics is major in this. Flares will come and go, but if you just keep getting hit, you are triggering something. I would say look at all you do and how you can restructure how you do it.

We have an echo tech who is beginning this path....I have no tricks for her as she is all repetitive action and pushing for filming. Arm reached over the patientI....( I cannot do this.) Pushing and repative is bad stuff for she is up a creek. We talk and try to plan but there is lttle. A chart girl too, above the head and heavy much pain. We looked at it and helped a bit, but little she could change with what her day entailed. Good that we are now almost chart less.

So, you see. re-inventing the day may help you a bit. Look at what you do and how the mechanics of it can be changed a bit. Good luck, let us know if you came up with some answers. Nancy B
Old1now responded:
Look at stress triggers as wellas body mechanics like the suggestions. Think about arthritis since you have had Fibro for ten years. Pain spreads. When I have knee pain due to wear and tear arthritis, the pain spreads to my "all over " Fibro pain. It helps me to use ice on the knee.

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