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Just Venting / Fibro Crazies!
bbnab811 posted:
Doing everything I can to help myself. And still every day for the last several years, the body screams with pain and fatigue.

I've had too many bad days in a row and it's been a long time since I've had a tolerable day, which I Always look forward to! - love them, but they are few and far between.

Some days I cry. If only I could get a massage every week. Depressing and sad. Sorry to complain, but geez...
squarley responded:
Yes massages help so much ,I do try to get one once a week, I like you cherish my good days ,I have a migraine to day so not up to much, hope you have more good days then bad, hugs ,Squarley
Old1now responded:
Hugs. Very gentle ones.
xperky responded:
I can relate to your phrase - Fibro Crazies!
With Compassion,
lestall responded:
Know what you mean. I've had fibro for a couple of years and it seems to be getting slowly worse. The fatigue is so bad at times I can barely fuction. Gentle hug towards you....
There is always tomorrow!
booch007 responded:
Good Morning,

You know we all get in a bad place and see no light in the future for us. This is so draining to carry everyday. I have used a trick for myself to get a pedicure for 10.00 and that gives me the massage chair for 30 "free really" and the toes look good and the massage of the legs is good...

Maybe try that? Keep the seat upright as the balls get more intense as you lay back when you body weight lays on them.
If they are too much period...bring a blanket to separate you from them. (who cares what anyone thinks...) you are taking care of you.

Those balls are just right in the spine and shoulder area...even better then the real one sometimes. so maybe try that?

Good luck, hope you get some relief soon.......Nancy B

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