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O/T (Off Topic-in case you don't know) MiMi Mission Again***
dollbug posted:
Hello....MiMi in NC...and I am on a mission again...trying to help my son out and I am asking for support of anyone who feels that you might be able to support this cause....2 of my children went to school with this young woman...she was a good person, smart, fun and full of energy...and then something happened which changed her life forever.

The link above is a copy of my email to the Governnor of NC...after doing a lot of research on this myself just recently....I can support this petition...

This is my son's petition and IF you feel that you can support this cause.....please sign the petition....(you do not have to have your name published, just follow the directions on this.

I am impressed that the petition has over 400 signatures and counting...and it has not been up but for a very short time.

Thanks to those of you who decide to read the link and sign it....I think it is a very good cause and I feel like someone over stepped their authority in allowing what took place with this entire incident in the beginning.....I do know though that there is a lot of CORRUPTION AND COVER UP everywhere...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
forgetful88 responded:
But I can't do ANY petitions like this. In my opinion it did not affect me or my family. I am not saying she does not deserve a second chance, BUT I would have to say the same thing to the victims family if they had a petition to keep her locked up.

Things like this go both ways. Personally this is not the board for things like this.

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