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Pain Above the Typical Amount??
elizabeth1304 posted:
Dear Fmily,
It's Beth from AL and it has been quite a while since I have checked in. Can I ask for help, input or anything. Caprice, maybe you have an idea. Things were going along as usual with alot of pain but hanging in here. Kristen and I were rear-ended with very little damage to the car. I had to go to ER bc I have plates in my neck but all seemed ok except the nightmare of waiting at our ER!! I was sore the next day but otherwise okay. However, on Friday, I woke in the night with what seemed to be a very severe flair. I could hardly walk yesterday and it even hurts to have to talk. Today has been equallly as bad. I am a little baffled bc I basicallly live in a "flair" and deal with it as best I can. I am not a newbie with FM. Diagnosed 16 years ago. As for the accident, we did take a jolt but it just doesnt seem to me to have been hard enough to cause this debilitating pain I am fighting. Hurts to walk,talk or just be. Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in Advance,
Beth in AL
debrabrooks1960 responded:
Hello Beth, I had a car accident a few years ago. I went to the ER and all was fine in the x-rays. A day or two later I could not move my neck or shoulders. Extreme amount of pain. So I went to my family doctor. Soft tissue tears or damage does not show up on x-rays. I had whip lash. I had no idea that I could hurt so bad. Maybe you should contact your doctor and let him/her know how you feel. Or call the ER and speak to a nurse. You my have taken more of a jar than you thought. Please keep us informed on how you are doing. Gentle hugs, Debbie
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canadjineh responded:
I also have been in a car accident myself (rear-ended too) with almost no damage to the car but a severe combination of lifting rotational whiplash that did not show up for a couple of days. Speaking as a physical rehabilitation assistant, it is true that the soft tissue injuries can take a couple of days to really affect you.

When the force applied to the vehicle does not dissipate by damage to the car, it affects the occupants instead. That is why almost all new cars these days are designed to be totalled while still protecting the passenger cabin.

Of course, the increase in your pain sensitivity due to FM would make things feel even worse. You should definitely check with your doctor for physio/rehab for your accident and get as much help including massage therapy and possibly chiropractic treatment to realign your poor spinal column. In the meantime use ice to relieve pain and any swelling, not heat.
booch007 responded:
Morning Beth,
I think it was 2 years back, I was in 2 accidents in the same months time and totalled both cars. I right away said, Holy Crap.....this is going to bring on a flare. But also said, I live in a just use your tools.

I went home used heat, my muscle relaxants and stretch in the shower. I have to say I squeezed through. No difference!

So, maybe if you double up your tools and maybe get a massage in there to help the tissues that were jolted. It stinks that you are in a tough spot. So sorry. We are fragile people at this point.

Hope you get to a better place. Check your meds and talk to the doc about increasing a bit maybe to assist. I love my soma and valium for my muscles. Good luck, Nancy B
1wareaglefan responded:
Hey, Beth in's Elizabeth in AL!!

You got such great advice from everyone. I definitely agree to go see your regular doctor. It also makes sense that the pain would actually be worse a few days later.

Take care of yourself. I wanted to say "hi" and I hope to hear that you're doing better real soon.
hilyer1 replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
Hi beth in AL - I'm Peggy from AL

You're responding normally I think from the muscles getting tensed during the crash, but I would definitely see the doctor again just to make sure. Muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds will sure help. I agree on the massage too.

Hope you're better soon.
elizabeth1304 replied to hilyer1's response:
Thanks everyone! I am doing much better but oh my, thought pain would never end. Thanks for all your responses!! Beth
Beth in AL

InHim replied to elizabeth1304's response:
I am new to this post, so hopefully I can get some good info. I was diagnosed with FM 5 yr. ago, the first 2 years were not bad, was on Pamelor . These past years have been so much trial and error....I tried PT 4 times and ended up in extreme pain! I have a lot of inflammation in body also! I take Tramadol and it just takes the edge off...any tips for me?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to InHim's response:
Hi InHim,

It might help others find your post if you started a new discussion about your situation. To do that, hold your cursor over the orange Post Now button and choose 'Discussion' from the drop down menu which appears. Fill in the subject line and body of the message (you can ignore the poll part if you want) and Post.

(And click here to read what others have already said to you. )
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