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friend with fibro and lupus
worn1 posted:
Hate to intrude but I have a friend with fibromyalgia and lupus.
I would like information on the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia and what is the best way of managing pain. What can I do to help her. I live in Virginia and she lives in South Carolinia. I know there are articles to read but the best source is from those who living with it. I have parkinson and understand exercise works for me. I also understand exercise helps fibromyalgia. What type of exercise do you recommend and what foods should be avoided. In general what improves your life.
xperky responded:
You are nice to try to help your friend!

FM is difficult to generalize about, as it hits each of us differently. There are so many aspects to it.

Exercise, in extreme moderation, does help me. I do see a lot of posters say that if they push one day, they must rest the next day.

Personally, I don't have a food sensitivity except to say that small meals are less of an energy drain than large meals.

Acceptance of FM has helped me feel better. When I fight my body, I get upset. I find it important to feel productive each day, and also treat myself to something I find relaxing.

I would say that your friend has a scary diagnosis with lupus and that she needs to stay on top of that illness, first and foremost. I imagine that the better her lupus is controlled, the better her FM will be too.

Take care of your parkinsons! It's nice to meet such a caring person.
With Compassion,
worn1 replied to xperky's response:
Thanks xperky
You mention fight your body and i always think fight Parkinson. I guess that may be the major difference between the 2 diseases. Thank you. I now understand I think I have come up with an idea that will work for both of us as far as exercise. That is one thing our diseases have in common. Use it or loose it. I think a walking program with a yard work program would work. We could exchange pictures of our gardens. We already exchange up dates on our dogs and the dog park she is trying to start.

Again thank you xperky for taking the time to respond. Your group is lucky to have some one willing to reach out and help others.

worn1 replied to xperky's response:
I did forget to mention that you are correct about controlling her lupus. The 2 --lupus and FM is a hard combination to have and control

Again Thainks
booch007 responded:
What a good friend you are. Maybe she can join us and begin a path of better with us helping her?

To the right under resourcs is the Fmily's TOOLBOX, look in there for the hints and helpers....the tools we use to feel better.

Written a long time ago it still hold true, not much has come forward to change the good we do to feel better.

Again, I applaud you for your friendship and love to look for help for her. Nancy B
crystalscats responded:
Hello Worn1, thanks for being her friend, what we need most in life is friends. I have FMS, Lupus, R/A and Type 2 Diabetic. I know when one flares they all seem to join in and have a party in my body! LOL I have been in a flare just over a week now. It started when I fell 2x within 3 days. I over did it yesterday and now have a Bakers cyst in the back of my right knee.

I know the Lupus comes first, yet to me the FMS bothers me more. Again each person is different. I also have trouble with the Lupus being diabetic have to watch my sugars with some medications used for it or the FMS

Exercise again all different. Because I have had R/A since a teen I can only walk, and that not much. I have to use a cane also to assist me, which I hate but has come in handy a few times. I am short so use it to, to reach things in stores. LOL My doc did say also I could use a recumbent bike not a reg stationary one due to my knees. I am searching Craigslist in my area now for one. (when the flare is done lol)

Talk to her, see what see feels she can do? Also I suggest she join our group on here. This group as helped me a lot if nothing to know I am not the only one with these issues. I also lurk on the Lupus community as well. That community may be good for her too. I just prefer this one though.

Read and read on here. MeMe also has good advice on supplements and Vit D which I found mine was very low. The Vit D supplments I feel do help. We have several good people on here besides the docs, Booch, xperky, Meme.... really good advice here.

Thanks for being a friend!


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