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street59 posted:
has any one had pain in there jaw i went to the doc he said it was swollen he thanks it is from ra or fm i go see my ra doc next month
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
I don't think you're alone in experiencing this and it's good you'll be seeing your RA doc next month.

Did you see this response to your previous question ?
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crystalscats responded:
I used to have pain in my jaw or TMJ. I have had r/a since a teen however the jaw TMJ didn't start until I got FMS. I asked my Rhuemy about it and shortly after he dx me FMS. If you look around this is actually one of the symptoms people report with FMS. I did not know this until being dx with FMS. Just do a little research and TMJ will come up with FMS.

Do you have any other joints which or seem swollen? Do you run a low grade fever when swelling? Have you checked the trigger points for FMS? Any pain in those areas? This site is full of information! Keep reading and researching. Since you are only mentioning one joint as hurting I would lean towards FMS more so than r/a. Having both though I can't tell you which one is worse for me, it depends on the day. Also again not everyone is the same with either too. Good Luck with your doc. Or could be neither too!

crystalscats replied to crystalscats's response:
Oh forgot to mention I now take Savella 50 mg twice per day and since this med I no longer have the pain or had symptoms of TMJ. Or issues with my jaw altogether. Again though we are all different.

street59 responded:
talk to my ra doc he got me on prednisone taper thanking about staring orencia i was on enbrel it quit working i have severe ra and the ra meds dont work for very long was told in 2010 i have fm i take gavepen 3 times aday i am a 53 old male my jaw pain is up and down i have hip back neck chest legs arms along with the ra i would like to pull my hair out
xperky replied to street59's response:
I bet this isn't the first time you've done a prednisone treatment, having severe RA. That's a whole lot of painful spots you have. I bet you will be feeling better for a while, and I hope the orencia helps. Sorry you are flaring right now. Rest as much as you can.
With Compassion,
street59 replied to xperky's response:
thanks yes i have been on prednisone off and on for a few years

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