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Fibro and Spinal Cord Stimulators
chermoli10 posted:
I have serious back (DDD) and leg pain along with FM. My pain doc wants me to have a SCS implanted to help with the leg pain, which the meds I'm on don't really help.The last time I had a procedure done on my back it took 7 months for the painful muscle spasms to go away in the muscles where the needles were inserted. I am very concerned that I will have a big problem with healing from this procedure, especially in the area where the battery is inserted. Has anyone here with FM had a SCS implanted? Please tell me of your experience, if so. I know everyone has different experiences with this procedure, but I'm looking for as much imput as possible. Thanks.
booch007 responded:
Oh I wish Pat was here to talk to you...I may send her a note. Se is FM forever and also has now had a stmulator placed for her back. She is doing so well.....

She could guide you. I'll ask her to come in and find this post.
Nancy B
crystalscats responded:
I am bumping this up as I would like to know too. My husband had a 3 disc fusion done a couple of years ago. His doc has been suggesting this too. Also you might post this on the pain mngmnt community/site has others in that community may have had this procedure.

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
While you're waiting for more responses here, you might want to read this long discussion on Spinal Cord Stimulators on our Pain Management Community.
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MNpatsy responded:
My friend Booch007 sent me a note to come over here and reply to you. I have had Fibro for many years now and severe degenerative disc disease of the spine. The docs have done many tests and treatments to help me, and nothing has worked.

Finally they put a spinal cord stimulator in my spine and it has given me so much relief where nothing else has worked. The surgery in one day and you can go home the same day. You only have to be limited in what you do for about 6-8 weeks to be careful of the leads in your spine.

I have a battery pack at my waistline that I need to recharge every so often. Some people get one that does not need recharging. I just have to use my a lot so I would wear out a battery back sooner with one that does not need charging.

You cannot drive a car with won turned on, because you might get an unexpected jump with your leg and hit the gas or brake pedals.

I hope this helps you. Oh by the way, I went to a very good Pain Clinic for everything concerning my pain for the last 15 years. Thats where the pain surgeon came from who did my surgery.

I will keep an eye our for any other questions you may have.
Hugs and Peace MNPatsy
donegal replied to booch007's response:
Hi just seen your post, I'm suffering terrible with fibromyalgia and I'm thinking about getting the spinal cord stimulator but so afraid it won't work / or make me worse off, did it take your friends pain away totally, I hope use don't mind me messaging you, thanks lisa:)
undefined replied to donegal's response:

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