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    Tight leg muscles, particularly on one side
    jillylin posted:
    I am hoping someone will be able to tell me ways of coping with very tight feeling leg muscles , mainly on the right side. The constant odd sensations are really dragging me down.
    Thanks in advance
    Jilly in the UK
    crystalscats responded:
    Hello Jillylin I get this once in while too. I either use Voltaren gel, muscle rub or aspercreme rubbed in to my leg. I also take Flexeril for it with them, only way can sleep when it bothers me. Hope this helps you.

    Randm2220 responded:
    My legs feel the same way all the time. The degree of discomfort varies. I usually try stretching them, but sometimes they just cramp up instead of stretching. I take cyclobenzaprine for the muscle soreness. I also get it in my feet to the degree that it feels like I am walking on glass. That really sucks. Nothing to do about it but put my feet up. Sometimes I can't even let my feet touch the couch. I use an automan and let my feet hang off the end.

    I wish I could be of more help


    booch007 responded:

    Just be sure it is FM and not a clot in the leg. A clot in the deep vessels can bring on swelling and tightness to the leg, before there is actual pain. You might need to be checked vascularly. I say this as it is one leg....

    We can have the darndest symptoms with this and if it is FM, the hints above are great and I also use heat around the legs to help.....elevation too. but please think about the vessels and a clot.

    It can happen from driving alot, flying somewhere....a hit that damaged an area and you are "fixing it" but instead the clot is blocking flow......

    I just had to chime in with careful. We blame FM for everything we feel.........................HUgs, Nancy B
    jillylin responded:
    Thanks everyone. Sorry it took me so long to reply but the depression got me badly. I just wish this would all go away

    Jilly in the UK
    SimoneSilvestrin responded:
    I have that. I observed that the stiffness moves from one place to the other. And lately I?ve had felt my legs like tree trunks, very heavy. I try to walk it away. I walk and massage and try to get therapeutical massages frequently.
    My tip: try to relax your mind and work on acceptance.
    Are you taking any medication?
    Are you exercising?

    Love, Simone from Brazil
    clkwc1964 responded:

    I have experienced leg cramps, tight muscles/tendons/ligaments, muscle spasms for some years now with this fibro. Seems like a new symptom pops up all the time. I exercise 5 days a week and this really makes it difficult. I have found that warm/hot baths, massage, flexeril or some other muscle relaxer, and stretching does help quite a bit. The severity and frequency varies. Definitely check with your doctor and see what they suggest also. Good Luck and God Bless. Cat:0)
    jillylin replied to SimoneSilvestrin's response:
    Hi Simone,
    yes to the exercising. I am a ballet dancer. Or should say was
    This has stolen dance from me.
    I confess to struggling badly with acceptance and relaxation. I am on medication.

    Jilly in the UK
    jillylin replied to clkwc1964's response:
    Hi Cat,
    I have tried all the usual stuff so I guess it is back to the doctor but am reluctant to go because my wonderful doctor has retired and I have not seen my new one so don't know what her thoughts are on Fibro. Whether she is a believer or a doubter.
    Jilly in the UK

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