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Lyrica no longer
tlp2815 posted:
I seriously am at my wits end. I was on Lyrica 50mg for about 2 years until it stopped working. I then decided to try Savella ( too many side effects for me) and then Topomax which did nothing for my pain but gave weird headaches. I am back on the Lyrica (this time 75mg's) and it seems to work on and off for my pain. The last 2 days no relief at all. I took 1 in the am and then tried another at night. No relief. I dont understand why its not working at all now. Could I have built up a tolerance to it or is it just that it doesnt work for me anymore or maybe Im not taking enough. I need to be able to function and have a clear head since I am a stay at home mom of 19 month old twins. Any suggestions? I am going in September to see a Neurologist who specializes in fibro. I am hoping he has some other suggestions for me. I have been on Cymbalta, Flexeril and all kinds of NSAIDS, none of which have worked for me. Im hoping for a new "miracle drug" to come out soon. I know there are some in clinical trials with the FDA but I wish they would hurry up. Does anyone have a "cocktail" that works for them? The pain and fatigue are really affecting my life negatively.
Randm2220 responded:
So sorry to hear lyrica is not working. I am currently taking lyrica and it seems to be doing ok. Of course the pain is not gone, but it is diminished. I tried to come off it a few months ago because they were going to change me to cymbalta but that was a nightmare! I felt terrible and the pain was unbearable. They left me on lyrica and added the cymbalta. I could not take lyrica in the mornings at all. It made me foggy. I just take it at night.

I hope you find the right combo soon! Taking care of twins is a full time job and needs you to be on your toes!


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