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fibro pain
dgoodw83 posted:
am 29, with a husband and 2 children. i was just diagnosed with fibro a few months ago. fibro has stopped me from doing my daily activities. im always in pain and feel like a burden also i hate for my children to have to do most things on their own. i feel i cant perform as a wife or mother, im always tired and in pain. i feel all you guys pain. im waiting to see what disability says because i cant work anymore with the pain and it has really made me depressed.
tlp2815 responded:
I understand how you feel. I have had fibro for over 10 years now and I have 19 month old twins and I am now a stay at home mom. I gave up my job when I got pregnant to take care of them but in a way it is like a full time job- alot of it being physical- lifting the kids, car seats and all of their gear. I know how trying it can be to remain positive and in a good mood around your kids when you are in alot of pain and I try to do fun things with them and take them places but it isnt always easy. I try to take breaks myself during the day while they nap but I often find myself doing dishes or laundry during that time to "catch up" on the stuff I cant do when Im chasing them both around. Still, I wouldnt change it for the world. Hang in there- you are doing the best that you can and your kids love you - no matter what.
dgoodw83 replied to tlp2815's response:
ty u so much and i started hurting after i had my 5 year but didnt know what it was at first. it was so hard to take care of him but i did it despite of the pain. my husband is a big help since my condition has worsen. at first, for years i didnt tell him i was in pain until i couldnt bare it any longer and he did not understand at first until i broke down and cried. now he has a better understanding of my pain and depression and also allowed me to stop working because i could not bare it any longer. i have good and bad days, but when i feel good i get out of bed and do all things i want to do when i cant. the next day i pay for but o well i enjoyed the day before with my family and thats all that count.. ty for replying....
annette030 replied to tlp2815's response:
I hope you realize that you might lose all your Social Security benefits if you stay home with your kids too long. You lose everything you ever pain into SS too. Check it out.

Take care, Annette

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