no one seems to understand
dgoodw83 posted:
have pain all over most days that tends to keep me in bed most of the time. im so depressed and cry when i feel my husband does not care. the depression is taking over my life also, sometimes im not able to interact with my children but i try to on my good days and it makes me feel better when i can. i just hate to feel like this at such an early age (29) and cant do the i used to do when i was active. someone plz talk to me and help me feel better about this damn pain from fibromyalgia.
annette030 responded:
Please, see your doctor and get a referral to a specialist regarding your depression. Simple FMS, unless of course, you have other illnesses also, should not keep you in bed most of the time. You may have good and bad days, but with time you should be able to learn to manage it.

Take care, Annette
xperky responded:
Dear dgoodw83, so sorry you are feeling so depressed. I went through a period of severe depression when I was about your age too. Felt like a deep, dark pit with no way out. But, there is a way out! I found it helpful to talk to a therapist and see a psychiatrist.

All the FM pain can cause or worsen depression too. Please tell your doctors about your depression as well as your pain so you can get the proper treatment.

In the meantime, I found it helpful to get out for long walks or take a hot bath whenever my mood was the most down. I hope you have some things that make you feel comfortable and calm. You are welcome to post your feelings here any time.
With Compassion,
booch007 responded:
Hey...good morning, (((hugs)))

I can see you are in that dark spot we all get have to really push to get a bit better. Your doc should know how bad this is right now, make sure your meds are the best they can be and you have an antidepressant in there.

As you say it is better when you have been with the have to move and use your body or it hurts more.....

The husband is not going to get it for a bit, but you have us now to shoulder on. We truly understand the pain and the dysfunction that comes with this. The good days and the bad.

In my beginning each day was focused ON FM/CMP as I didn't really know what it all was, how I got to this and what tools would help me. So focus was always on the pain.

It is years down the line now and I get out the toolbox and do what works to help me as i fight like the dickens against this mess. IT DOES GET BETTER.

Never pain free but turned down to have a life. In saying turned down, I swear I have just gotten used to hurting.....only if it raises up now I have to deal with it above my regular meds.

Many here...a muscle relaxant, a pain med, SSRI/SNRI (antidepressant) and Vit D, B Complex, Malic acid, Magnesium. Good food...supplements....plenty of water...

If this is so bad the bed calls you more, you need to talk with the doctor...It can be a low just from no validation and you want to cry and then in being still in the bed (my worst place to make me hurt more) You actually hurt more.

As soon as my eyes open, I have to get up out of bed (despite the knives sticking me, feet hurting like pebbles of stone are under them) and hands numb and stiff....MOVING from there to the computer with a cup of coffee and meds, I start to release and feel better. The same happens even with a nap. A creepy cycle.

So, I hope you break through and move....get to the doc.
I am sure more fmily will check in with you. believe me you are not alone and we have all crumbled inward at some point....
(I am hoping that you have a memory foam mattress on the bed to help with sleep and the hot spots we have)

All my best, Nancy B
rudyandirmouse responded:
dgoodw83, Hi Linda R here. We have all gotten those dark days, depressed, which is sooo common to those of us with fibro, where it all, fibro pain and issues, seem too much for us.

Most of us have gotten medication from our doctor that helps us get back to feeling normal again. So I suggest that you get into your doctor' office quickly and see what he/she has there for your depression,

As for your DH not understanding fibrmyalgia and it's collection of symptoms, trust me, Fibro is the kind of illness/ collection of illnesses, that NO ONE but those of us who have "IT" can understand.

Trying to explain or describe fibro to those who have never had "IT" is like trying to describe the color red to a blind man. It's rather pointless. No reason to be mad or hurt that those around you don't understand. They can't.

When I'm going into a fibro flare or have fibro issues I just use medical symptoms DH can understand. I feel tired and drained, I'm Flu like, I have back Back pain or muscle strain, etc. Going on about fibro pain and symptoms with my DH is useless since he can never understand what it's like. Knowing that he can never understand, through no fault of his own, makes it easier on me. I no longer feel as if he doesn't care, I know he can never get on the same page with me on how I feel.

Fibro can only slow us down, not stop us. "IT"/ the dragon wants too, but with medication, normal Vit D3 levels, new treatments, lotions, OTC potions. and with a will and determination not to let "IT" take over our lives, we can and most do, live good lives, just lives a bit slower than we had once lived.

And knowing that this collections of ills is not going to kill us, just make us feel like it, can help get us back up onto our feet and get on with our lives.

I hope my few works helped and I hope knowing that you have friends here that do understand what you are dealing with is also helpful.

Please here everyday and talk to us. We're on the same fibro symptoms page you are. We understand how you feel. We care and we're here to support you.

Also, I hope you get into your doctor and get something for your depression so you can begin to feel well again.
Gentle hugs going out to you, Linda R