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    Pain on my left breast (especially on and near the nipple)
    jaceyy88 posted:
    I had this pain on my left breast for about three weeks now. At first it was just a sharp pain on my nipple so I couldn't lay on my stomach. Then it spreaded out to the whole breast. Just a little wind would make it hurt, and even without touching it, I had a dull pain on the whole breast. Its been two weeks and half now and I feel a little better. But I still can feel something hard inside my breast. My left breast as a whole is harder than my right one. (Left one is the one that hurts)

    I actually went to see a doctor at OBGY a week ago, and they did the (outer?) ultrasound (that's what they called it...). They said they couldn't really see anything but they definitely feel that my left breast is much harder than the right one. They also said that it's strange how I feel so much pain on the left side but not on the right...

    I heard that breast cancer don't really bring pain with it, so I really don't know what this can be. I have fibromyalgia but Idk how the pain in my nipple can be explained with fibromyalgia...

    The doctor asked me to do a "more detailed ultrasound test" but then it's $250!! Too expensive and my pain has already decreased a little (even thogh I feel something hard inside my breast) I made an appointment for the test but then I canceled it yesterday... then I made an appointment for it again today cuz I am a little scared of what is inside my breast.. I don't know if it's worth it to get the test.. I guess it can help explain something and decrease my anxiety about it but do i really need it?

    I am 25 and not married so i don't think it's mastitis either. Please, someone help me =(

    Thank you!!
    booch007 responded:
    Man, I had this same thing. Went to OB/GYN also and thought I might have a fungus.....ready????

    He had absolutely no answer, I then told my neurologist who does my trigger point injections and IT WAS 2 TRIGGER POINTS in the upper muscle of the breast/chest wall.

    She injected them and I have never had the pain again.

    I carried that discomfort for months, until i feared something really bad was happening to the breast, I would never have been able to have a mammo if it was time.

    So, feel around in the upper chest, actually I didn't find the spots she did (as she always did) I decided then to tell her EVERY pain I case it was these stupid congested muscle things I have.

    I will say when I looked in the book that I use, FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain (a survival manual) by Dr Starlanyl it was there! So if I had looked it up first I would have known myself.

    I have done that with the pain in the lower thumb is from the forearm muscle and I have figured it out and brought the complaint and fix in with me to the MD.

    So try to warm the top muscle, massage the area above the breast toward the clavicle bones....more straight up fro your nipple area. Hope this helps.....

    I do so well remember how painful those nipples were and a bra was a torture.....Nancy B
    Anon_2912 responded:
    Have they done a mammogram?

    Sometimes caffeine drinkers develope fibrosis.
    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Thanks for posting this. I have the exact problem. Left breast also. I noticed a lump under my nipple first and a few days later the nipple pain started. I also went to my doctor. He ordered an ultrasound since I had a mammogram that was normal back in March. The ultrasound was normal too. I still have the lump but it has gotten smaller. It was just a swollen gland. The pain still bothers me a little at times but not near as bad as it once was. I never guessed it could be related to FM.

    Nancy B gave good suggestions. A heating pad works wonderfully. Or a hot shower made me feel better. Good luck with this. I hope the pain will continue to go away for you too.

    Soft hugs, Debbie
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    lyssac responded:
    I'm having the same issue! But I also have Server Nerve Pain in my body,., but for the last week or so my lft breast by nipple ... Its like in that area but I can't pin point it but it has been hurting . It come off and on but the sharpness of it has me concerned! I have an appointment coming up and will let you know what happends!
    franr responded:
    Dear Jacey
    I am so sorry you experiencing so much breast pain.When I was in my 20's I had L breast pain and burning sensation running across the breast .After many tests they diagnosed hormonal changes and pain with ovulation. Fast forward to today ,L chest pain continues after many cardiac exams etc which proved negative thank God , they believed it was cause by fibro it took 40 years .Please don't be afraid and continue to cancel appointments .It's better to be checked and rule out any major diseases. It sounds that your doctor is on the right tract. Do you have a good friend or parent to encourage you and support you.I know all these tests are so cumbersome but all of us have through this multiple times. Good luck and post again to let us know how you make out.......Fran
    scbaby2803 responded:
    I have the same pain and have had 3 mammograms and everyone of them came back with fybroidal tissue. its also my left one and they told me to lay off the caffiene so I have cut it back and that has helped the pain. Mine hurts when it gets cold. It can be in the summer time and if im out in the garden sweating and go back in house where its cooler..... mannnnnnnn it hurts bad. Speaking of cooler...along with fybro i have hot flashes so part of me insists on keeping air low while my muscles yell NO!!! So theres never a happy medium...
    booch007 responded:
    As others here have stated, fibrocystic tissue can occur in breast if you are prone. They are palpable and can be quite large (they are seen on a mammo) The treatment is to empty them. They fill with fluid and it can be brown in color, it is hormonal and caffiene driven to fill them. THEY GO AWAY WITH MENOPAUSE. But until SIL had them drained every month and her mammo was so painful as you know the squeeze we deal with. They are hard and inflamed in there. The cells they fill only have just so much space and they irritate the surrounding tissue. Any finding on the breast must be followed close in todays cancer awareness time. I hope at this point you have had a second opinion to be sure you are OK. Why is ultrasound not cover by your insurance? like the mammo. Look for womens screening and see if a traveling truck in the area has this for you. Call out to the cancer society for breast and tell them something is wrong with you and you can't afford the next work up, see what the referral is. Be proactive to get care. there is care everywhere you just need to know the doors to go through. All my best, NancyB

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